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A Guide To Building A On-Demand Mobile Messaging App Like Snapchat

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Snapchat is among the most successful social media messaging apps in the digital arena. It is an amazing selfie app that is creating buzz because of its machine learning technology which makes it competitive in the app market. Its success has inspired a lot of start-ups to turn to Snapchat-like app development to attain success with social media messaging apps.

Snapchat – What Is It All About?


Snapchat is an app that allows users to share photos and exchange messages. With the Snapchat app, users can capture videos and photos, add interesting captions and effects, and share over the internet for the whole world to view or send to individual users.

The photos & videos shared with others get deleted automatically after being viewed.

If you are planning to create an app like Snapchat, then one thing that may be bothering you is the messenger app development costs isn't. Well, to know the cost incurred you need to learn about different aspects related to development that directly affect the cost. This blog would help you understand everything about Snapchat like mobile messaging app development.So, let’s begin.

What Are The Features You Should Consider For Building An App Like Snapchat?


Once you decide to build a Snapchat-like application, you need to dive into the features needed for your messaging app. So, let us have a look at the features offered by Snapchat.

Lenses & Media Editing

This feature offered by Snapchat has helped users create millions of lenses for video editing and photo editing. It is an interesting feature with AR (augmented reality) effects that helps users can laminate their pictures. The feature also offers several drawing tools, filters, and text captions that enable users to edit the original image in different ways.


It is one of the prominent features offered by Snapchat wherein users can capture videos and photos and share them easily. This feature comprises a range of text captions, lenses, filters for photo and video editing. These snaps get self-destructed within a few seconds.

Geofilters and Location Tracking

The features help users to track location and use geo-filters for some places.


Certainly, Snapchat is not just a photo or video-sharing app, but it is one of the flexible messaging apps that let users interact through chat or create groups.

Video & Audio Calls

This feature of Snapchat helps users to make video and audio calls and send photos during the call itself. The users can also create notes which are in form of small audio/video clips.


Users can search for news related to particular topics or topics from famous personalities. Users can get the latest news from big players like CNN, Mashable, etc

Search for Friends

Here, Snapchat offers a Snapcode feature that comes with a unique QR that users can scan using their camera and start following other users instantly.


This feature resembles the Instagram feature wherein a snap is broadcasted to the followers for twenty-four hours post which it gets deleted automatically.

Here one story can be viewed by the users several times or switch from one to another story or choose to check the stories from specific friends. The users can also view the list of people who checked out their stories. As this is among the popular features in social media messaging apps, if you are thinking about Snapchat-like app development, make sure you do not miss out on this feature.

Steps To Follow To Build An App Like Snapchat

After learning about the features of the Snapchat-like App, let us explore the steps you need to follow to go ahead with your instant messenger app development process.

1. Discovery

The main idea behind this phase is to determine the non-functional and functional needs from the future perspective of the project, business requirements, and project goals.

2. Analyze the project details

At this phase, project managers and business analysts would draft the user stories, project details, and other details related to the project and how your app would function

3. Prototyping

Now, your mobile app development agency would make prototypes for app pictures, user experience, etc, and ask you for suggestions if any.

4. UI/UX Design

The designers would check the screen prototype to create the design of your app.

5. Development

Once the design is completed, the development team would incorporate essential features into your app. With the progress in the development phase, the developer may need your help regarding the project functionality or requirements.

6. Quality Assurance

The QA team would test your app to identify the bugs and resolve them to deliver a bug-free app.

7. Deployment

After your messenger like Snapchat is all set, the team would launch it on your preferred platforms.

What Is The Technology Stack Used To Build A Powerful App Like Snapchat?

Well, the technology stack used to build your app would define the success of your app. Hence, to build an app like Snapchat for iOS and Android platforms, you need to know the tech stack to be used. So, let us check out.

Tech-stack for Cloud Hosting AWS (Amazon Web Service), the Google compute engine.

Tech-stack for Analytics

Google analytics tool

Tech-stack for Development Language

Front-end development – Python, Bootstrap & Java, Objective-C for iOS, and PHP.

class=”font-weight-bold”Tech-stack for Database Management


Tech-stack for Support

How Much It Would Cost To Build An App Like Snapchat?

The estimated mobile app development cost to build an app like Snapchat depends on different factors like:

  • Your budget and social media mobile app development agency you hire.
  • Time and features to develop a messaging app
  • Tech-stack selected to build an app and platform chosen to launch your app


It is not easy to build a successful app like Snapchat, so if you are planning to go ahead build one such app, weigh the pros and cons to avoid mistakes during the development process. Certainly, your app wouldn’t be huge right from the beginning as every venture needs some time to gain success.

So, rely on effective mobile app development solutions that help you launch an app like Snapchat. If you are still deciding on a professional tech partner for app development, Apps On Demand, one of the leading white-label mobile app development services providers in the USA can help you get your dream app like Snapchat. Our team of expert app developers would assess your app idea and build a scalable app that performs well in the app market. Contact us today to take the first step towards seamless app development.

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