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Engagement rings do often dominate the spotlight. Even after you have announced your engagement and flooded social media with your engagement ring reveal images, your ring will always be in the talks. 


Therefore, buying the best ring you can find is highly in trend if you want to play it by the books. However, you can always choose a non-conventional ring if that is what you want. Designer rings like Verragio's engagement rings would also make for a great proposal ring if she is into unique and high-end jewelry. 


Ring buying can quickly start intimidating you if it's your first time at a jewelry store. To ensure that you don’t make a hasty decision out of jitters, here are some ring-buying tips that you can rely on: 

  1. The Type Of Jewelry Your Partner Usually Wears

To crack the code you need to lay your hands on a ring that synchronizes beautifully with their personality. In order to do that, keen observation and a tap on their jewelry choices are what you need to be in line with. What jewelry do they prefer, if they switch their jewelry based on the outfit or occasion, do they wear jewelry that is in trend, or, do they wear jewelry at all?

If you are even able to gather a little information about her jewelry choices, ring shopping will feel like a cakewalk to you. 

If she switches jewelry ever so often, then a traditional diamond ring would be the perfect fit for her. However, if she is unlikely to switch between jewelry and likes to stick with a single piece of jewelry for a long time, you can get her something that is more of a statement piece. For the more trend-inclined brides, a trendy diamond shape, say a marquise would be the ideal choice. 

  1. . Which Metal Will They Love?

A ring metal is one of the most crucial choices you will have to make when choosing an engagement ring for your partner. If they tend towards wearing a specific metal, it will be merely outrageously to get them something that does not match their vibe. 


Imagine setting the perfect proposal date for your lady, keeping check that everything is excellent as per her taste but the ring! If you want the climax of your proposal to be remarkable, take her choices into consideration from the get-go. 

  1. What Is Their Ring Size? 

Apparently, your first conversation with her has nothing to do with her ring size. In fact, you will not be discussing ring size until it's time to get her a ring, but we suggest you do. Throw the question in between a random conversation without hinting that you have a proposal in mind. 


Even when your plan is shatterproof not knowing the correct ring size can shatter it in a matter of seconds! 

Ways You Can Sneakily Find Her Ring Size: 

  • Take a ring they often wear and measure it to conclude their ring size 
  • Draw out an impression on a piece of paper and later use it to determine her ring size. 
  • Strike a conversation when something jewelry related comes up or when you are passing by a jewelry store. Ask her if she knows her ring size and makes notes when she is not looking. 
  1. What Budget Do You Have In Mind? 

 Once you have mustered all the necessary information it's time to set a budget. You can mold your budget as and when you go about shopping for the ring. If it is a free-flowing budget you can opt for Verragio engagement rings. A classic jewelry brand with the most tasteful engagement rings that are unique and traditional at the same time. You can, however, choose any jewelry retailer of your choice and choose the best ring from their collection if your budget is limited. 


Birmingham Jewelry has engagement rings for every budget. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring on a budget or one that is not bounded by one. They have the best collection of engagement rings in Sterling Heights, MI. If your partner has a specific taste in jewelry, their jewelry collection will leave you spoilt for choices. 

Source:- https://birminghamjewelryinfo.blogspot.com/2022/10/a-guide-to-buying-perfect-engagement.html



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