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Bags or backpacks are very important in one's life. Not only as a carrier but as a style statement too. Big, small, or medium now, even pouches, bags are never out of style. Every new season brings a new style, sometimes the old ones from the years gone by, sometimes the new-age ones.

From teenagers to old-aged, bags have their own stories to tell with every individual.

From being a product of fashion to being the need of the time, Bags have been a part of everyone's life for a very long time. One cannot imagine one's life without bags. They come as an instant into the mind when stepping out of the home. Using it as a utility to fashion bags comes in handy.

Types of bags according to the basic needs:

Various bags are available in the market; some are big brands, some are for fashion quotient, but some provide necessities. Since childhood, one knows the importance of bags and how helpful they are in times of Backpacks are one such kind of bag carried on the back with two handles attached to the arms. These bags are super easy to carry and lift. There are a few backpacks one needs to know, which are as follows:

Travel backpacks for women

We offer the best travel backpacks women or men as we know travel backpacks are the most important backpacks to carry our luggage, personal items while travelling. Travel backpacks come in different sizes, small, medium, and extensive, with various designs and prints. The Afro print is quite a in demand nowadays, stating the culture of Africa. Handcrafted backpacks by skilled artisans with techniques all through the body of the bags. With sleek and modern features, these bags are named after a city in Africa to promote the art and culture of that place. 

Women travellers who travel the world can handpick these bags from the stores in Africa and USA. If one wants to buy these bags online, one can search through various shopping sites. 

African backpacks

 African backpacks are made of high-quality fabric with Super sleek African designs handcrafted specially by artisans across the cities of Africa. The Government of Africa has pledged to promote African culture and art. Hence these Afro bags are internationally exported to various countries and individuals upon the demand online.

These bags are of various colours and hues depicting Afro designs of nature, humans, animals, etc. These backpacks are straightforward to carry and often look like a fashion statement. 

Best backpacks for teenagers

We offer the best backpacks for teenagers as we understand that teenagers are picky about their things. For them, everything aside, but fashion comes first. They want to follow the trend and sometimes lead it. These are said to be essential for teenagers knowing their need to go to colleges, schools, and tuitions, etc. like for everyday life. These Afro-designed backpacks increase the fashion quotient and provide a sense of unique style which is why teenagers are fond of them. 

Lightweight backpacks 

Our lightweight backpacks is very essential backpacks for daily life and it is made with high-quality texture and modern designs that depict contemporary Afro designs. These backpacks help in carrying day-to-day work with quality items in them. These backpacks serve the necessities every day and provide a style of fashion. The bags serve a multi-utility purpose from the office goers to the housewives. 

Due to its lightweight, it is very easy to carry on the back, and it doesn't hurt the back so much either. The backpack carries moderate weight things and helps one in daily activities.

Advantages of these Backpacks

  • Multi-utility
  • Multifunctional
  • Well-padded to support the back
  • Good stitched handles to put the hands across
  • Multiple colours and designs to choose from
  • Serves as a fashion quotient
  • Lightweight and sleek
  • Promoting the Tribals art and culture
  • The prices paid directly goes to the tribal artisans
  • It can be bought online as well as from stores across the world
  • Moderate prices 


Bags are one of the necessities of a human being. From the men who carry the small money purses or the women with the vanities, the teenagers for the schools and colleges, or the kids with the cartoon school bags, one has seen it all. Bags can never be out of vogue, one for its bare necessities and another for its fashion statement. Every other day one gets to see new ones in the fashion circuit. 

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