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Apple always provides the best products and services to all of its users. And this is evident as each time it releases the latest version of its operating system for its devices, it also offers many new features. For instance, when the company released iOS 14 (the updated version of its operating system that the company released a few months ago), it also added a lot of great features like Picture in Picture Mode, App Clips, improved widgets, App Library, and much more than that. And it seems that the users are pretty satisfied with this latest version of iOS and its new features. Now, speaking of the Smart HDR feature in iPhone, Apple introduced this feature for the first time in 2018 when it launched a new iPhone series including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. And since then, it has been a part of all the iPhone series.

This is an excellent feature for users who love to capture a lot of pictures on their iPhone. A couple of months ago, the company also launched the iPhone 12. And the Smart HDR feature is also included in this newly released iPhone series. Do you also own an iPhone 12? Have you tried out the Smart HDR feature yet? If you have just started using this iOS device, then you might not know how to use this feature to capture beautiful images. And if you are also a photography lover, you must consider using the Smart HDR functionality on your iPhone 12. If you don’t know how to enable or disable the feature on your iPhone 12, don’t worry. We are here to guide you. The following article will tell you how you can enable or disable the Smart HDR feature on your iPhone 12. So, please read this full post to get the procedure.

The Methods to Enable or Disable the Smart HDR Feature on iPhone 12

Any of the iPhone 12 users can easily use the Smart HDR feature on their devices. The iPhone models that come with this functionality include the iPhone X series, iPhone SE with new generation Smart HDR, iPhone 11 series, and the iPhone 12. But, do you know how this feature works to help you get the best and bright pictures? Before getting to the methods to enable or disable this feature, you should know what this feature is and how it works. The Smart HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a feature that uses AI along with other computational photography techniques that enables you to capture bright and clear images on your iPhone. While capturing the pictures, it takes a series of exposure before and after hitting the photo shutter. And then, the feature combines the best elements of each frame into one correctly exposed image.

Enabling or disabling this camera setting on your iPhone 12 is not any difficult task. To use the functionality, you must follow the instructions given below.

The Steps to Enable the Smart HDR Feature on iPhone 12

You can enable the Smart HDR feature automatically on your device. Here’s how you can do so:

  • First of all, go through the Settings page on your device. You can open the settings from the home screen of your device.
  • And now, on the Settings home page, scroll down through your screen to find the option of “Camera” and tap on it to get to the camera section. 
  • And after reaching the next screen, you will find an option to enable the Smart HDR feature automatically. You will have to tap on the toggle button to enable the feature automatically.

And after following all of the steps mentioned above, you can now open the camera app on your iPhone 12 and start taking pictures with the HDR mode enabled. You can also enable the functionality manually. To do so, just open the camera app on your iPhone. And there, you will be able to see an option stating “HDR.” Tap on the HDR button to start taking bright and clear images. And that’s all.

And now, if you don’t want to capture the pictures with the Smart HDR mode enabled, you can easily disable the feature. Here are the steps that you must follow to disable the functionality on your iPhone 12:

The Steps to Disable the Smart HDR Mode on iPhone 12

Follow the below-mentioned steps to disable the HDR functionality on your iPhone 12:

  • To disable the Smart HDR feature on an iPhone 12, first of all, you will have to open the “Settings” app on your device.
  • And after you reach the Setting screen, scroll down to find the “Camera” option. And then tap on it to proceed.
  • And now, on the Camera settings screen, toggle the button given next to the option of “Smart HDR” to disable the functionality. And that’s it. You can now exit the Settings screen.

This is how any iPhone 12 users can enable or disable the Smart HDR camera setting on their device. Aren’t these the easiest and straightforward ways to use the functionality? With these procedures, you can quickly enable and disable the Smart HDR functionality on your iPhone 12. And that is all for now. If you want to get more tech-related information, please go through the website and keep following us.

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