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A construction site might seem the last place for thieves to strike; however, ignoring security here would be a big mistake. A construction zone has tons of expensive equipment and also has plenty of construction material on the premises, not to mention tools as well. Hence security in this type of workplace is a big challenge, unlike what many think. This is a place with lots of activity and many different types of people entering and exiting the building frequently. 

Security guards offer a wide range of services, including commercial and residential security. This also includes security at a construction site and various other industries. A good security firm will usually have armed & unarmed guards, vehicle patrol service, parking security, doorman service, emergency service, fire watch service, etc. This article provides more information on construction security.

Common Security Issues At Construction Site

  • Thieves have plenty of opportunities to grab the fancy tools used at this place.
  • Vandalism is one of the other issues that unguarded places need to deal with.
  • Construction sites are often abandoned for a couple of days. 
  • Unauthorized entry by other people with the intention to disrupt the operations can cost millions.
  • With frequent visitors, it is hard to differentiate between workers and visitors. They can easily do away with expensive equipment and tools. This is also the issue during break hours when equipment is left unattended.
  • Construction sites are often at isolated locations or behind barriers or other materials to prevent pollution. This makes them more vulnerable to thieves.
  • Some of the other issues include theft of fuel and arson.
  • In case there is a protest, they can easily enter the property if there is no well-defined security.
  • The workers will not feel secure, thus affecting their productivity.

Tips To Hire Security Guards

  • It is vital the security firm has the skills to assess the security level of the construction site, detect security threats and analyze the type of security required. 
  • They should ideally also be working with electronic security options like CCTV, alarms systems, access restrictions, etc.
  • Hire either armed or unarmed guards to secure your premises and prevent unwanted entry.
  • For a construction site that spans a large space, it is vital one opts for a vehicle patrol service to ensure the security arrangements cover the entire perimeter.
  • Opt for a security firm that has a well-defined strategy like reducing access points to only a single one.
  • A good security firm will usually be one with well-trained security guards with extensive experience. 
  • They will ideally be offering a wide range of services like on-site, armed & unarmed security, vehicle patrol service, executive protection, and much more.
  • A professional firm will also have a training facility to ensure the guards keep up with training and new techniques.
  • The guards will usually be highly responsive and react instantly to any issue. Besides this, they should also possess fire safety and fire aid skills.

Citiguard is one such security firm that offers a wide range of services, including construction security in Los Angeles. They have over 50 years of experience and are trusted by several Fortune 500 companies and residential complexes.



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