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Building an MVP? Once you have decided all the features that go into it, the important decision remains about your technology and architecture. Architecture is the glue that holds all of your technology decisions together; hence, it is important to take a cautious step towards getting your architecture right.

So what should drive your architectural decisions? There can be many reasons that define your architecture, but primarily it would be about what you want and expect from your product.

A product usually has 3 stages in its journey.

  1. Hypothesis- You want to get to market asap. All you want is things to work satisfactorily, not fail or show error and manage the incoming traffic, usually upto a couple of thousands.
  2. Growth- You get signs that your product is growing, traffic is increasing, and you want to build more features fast. Architecture expectations at this point would be about making things stable and secure. Have modularity to add more features and be able to manage workloads as well as monitor any surprises.
  3. Establishment- You now have tens of thousands of paying users. The company has layers of people, and a product roadmap is established not only for immediate use but also for upto 2-3 years. Architecture is now meant for managing.

Here is a summary of the various stages and the architectural needs:

Now that you have understood at a high level, here are some questions that can help you make your decision

  • Expected number of users at the launch?
  • Expected number of users in the first 6 months?
  • Expected number of users in a year?
  • A number of transactions expected per day, per hour, per second?
  • Any special requirements for compliance or security?
  • Any special requirements for availability, backup, and content type?
  • Any budgeting constraints on spending on hosting and infrastructure?


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