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A Guide to Pendant Lights – How do you choose?

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How about brightening up a room? Sure, paint the walls. Alternatively, you could redecorate completely. We've got a better idea if you're looking for an affordable fix that will transform the room instantly – install a pendant light. Pendant lights? What is the best choice for the room? Our guide to choosing pendant lights will walk you through the process. 

Pendent lights are named after pendants on necklaces, which hang on their own. Pendant lights, however, are light fixtures. A chain, rod, or wire suspends pendant lights from the ceiling. An overhead light is a pendant. It's all about making a statement. 

Light Requirements for Pendant Lights

Ask yourself some purely practical questions before choosing a pendant light.
What is the required amount of light from the pendant lighting? In this room, what will you do?

Are those activities light-demanding?

Pendant light types are determined by these questions.

Maybe your room has spotlights or downlights. The pendant light will not be your primary source of light if this is the case. 

Pendant lights can be selected purely based on aesthetics.

Light sources must be considered if the room lacks other light sources or if they are not sufficient. Light output varies by pendant light.

Decide where to place the pendant lights

Pendant lights can make or break a room based on their placement. It can ruin the entire look if hung too low or too high.

Placement of pendant lighting is crucial!

Many spots around the home look great with pendant lights. Dining tables and island benches are classic examples. In the living room or above the bed, pendant lights can look great.

Placement matters, however. While chopping up vegetables on the island bench, avoid bumping your head on the pendant light. Living room TV viewing should not be obscured by the pendant light.

Your pendant light's size, style, and shape will be determined by these placement issues throughout the following steps.

Determine the room's style

Practical stuff over. It's time for aesthetics!

It is very common for people to want pendant lights in order to make a statement. Pendant lights can be considered works of art!

Pendant lights must be considered in the context of the entire room. Consider these questions:

  • Is there a colour theme throughout the room?
  • Room style? Simple and modern? Stylish boho? Stratford?
  • If there is a pendant light in the room, are there any other items, furnishings, or fixtures that might compete with it?

Your pendant light style will be determined by the style of the room. It can be fun to clash styles. Your creativity and adventure are up to you!

Choose the shape and size

It's crucial to get your pendant lighting right in terms of shape and size.

Make sure the pendant light doesn't block an important view. Alternatively, avoid selecting too small and insufficient lamps.

The fun part of this step comes when you've already thought about these things!

If you've got lots of space, an oversize pendant light might be a good option. Multiple smaller pendants are also an option.

Invest in pendant lights 

Is your home ready for a revolution? Installing pendant lights brightens up a space and makes a statement. Thank you for reading this pendant light guide! You can find something for every style and taste in our great range of pendant lights! Ledsone has different types of Pendant lights for you. 




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