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A guide to purchasing the right mangalsutra

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Mangalsutras are more than just accessories. Besides the stunning appeal, they symbolise commitment and love between two souls. They indicate the sanctity of the holy union called marriage. Hence, every woman should select one carefully. Earlier on, there were not many designs available in mangalsutras. But that has changed drastically now.

From a simple gold mangalsutra design to a fancy diamond-studded one, you are spoilt for choice. So, before you select one, consider these tips:

Compare the price point

Mangalsutras hold cultural significance and are slightly more expensive than other accessories. But this does not mean that they need to burn a hold in your pocket. Many online stores offer discounts and appealing offers on mangalsutras. They also offer a wide variety of the same. So, it is best to compare the price point beforehand. This trick helps make smarter purchases.


As mentioned, mangalsutras come in a variety of styles. These days, the most popular type is a diamond mangalsutra. Many young Indian brides prefer it over other designs. But it is important to go with what feels right to you. You could like a simplistic design or a more elaborate one. Either way, you should think of it beforehand. This way, your shopping experience becomes more convenient.


The shape of the mangalsutra’s midpiece can make or break the look. Hence, it is crucial to know what structure you feel inclined towards. Is it a round midpiece or a more rectangular one? Ask yourself these questions. Make a rough sketch of the shape and design if you still feel unsure. This will allow you to compare your vision with the mangalsutras available in online jewellery stores.

Thread style

A mangalsutra’s thread style also determines its appearance. Thus, it is necessary to keep this aspect in mind while shopping. For example, a single-threaded mangalsutra will give you a minimalistic look. At the same time, one with double threads will look slightly fancier. Also, it is best to have an idea of what kind of thread pattern you want. Do you want a beaded thread or a gold one? Making notes of such things is equally significant.


The length of your mangalsutra should be as per your comfort. While some women like long mangalsutras, others prefer shorter ones as they are more manageable. Hence, it helps if you considered this factor beforehand.

Lastly, piece all the above together to understand what you want. Doing so prevents you from making impulsive purchases.



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