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A Guide to Quran Study for Beginners

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How can one learn the Quran? Because it is so important for Muslims everywhere to read and understand the Quran, this inquiry has come up rather often in search engines and social networking sites.

Are you interested in Learning the Quran for beginners but are not yet able to read the Arabic alphabet? If such is the case, then you should enroll in this class. It is never too late to start learning to read the Quran; it is never too early!

Students will first work on improving their pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet and gradually progress to learning how to combine letters to form words. They will be instructed on the fundamentals of reciting the Quran correctly.

At first glance, it could seem very challenging, mainly if you need to become more familiar with the Arabic writing system. It's possible that you have the impression that you'll never be able to read, recite, or learn the holy Quran to the level of proficiency that you see shown by pros on television or YouTube.

Studying the Quran takes a lot of time, and time is a valuable commodity. Therefore, the approach is to maximize your time by increasing the pace at which you acquire new information.

The specialists and instructors at Quran Ayat have come up with five recommendations to speed up the process of learning the Quran.

  1. Get Your Thoughts Straight:

Before taking your online Quran classes for beginners, you should rid your mind of any anxiety or unwelcome ideas and direct all your attention toward your ultimate objective: study the Quran. The reason can only think about one thing at a time in any meaningful way.

  1. Make the Environment Conducive to Learning Ready:

If you want to avoid getting side tracked by other students' conversations while trying to pay attention in your lectures, choose a seat in a somewhat quiet part of the room. In addition, check to see that the internet connection on the computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone you want to use to participate in the online class is working correctly and that the online classroom software has been loaded.

  1. Take Notes Using a Pen and Paper:

Although taking notes on a laptop or mobile device during the session may save you time, writing things down using a pen and paper will help you learn and grasp more. Writing down the material helps to develop understanding and memory, even though taking notes by hand is slower and more complex than typing on a computer or mobile device.

  1. Interact with your Instructor, and be Sure to Ask Questions:

Nevertheless, we need to make listening twice as much of a priority as talking. Nevertheless, engaging in conversation and finding answers to your concerns is crucial to effective learning. As a result, you should not only pay attention to your instructor but also interact with him or her by asking any questions and making any queries that come to mind to better comprehend the material you are learning.

  1. Acquire Knowledge in Brief Intervals of Time:

It has been shown that learning via shorter sessions is much more effective than learning through longer ones. In other words, thirty minutes is the lowest amount of time necessary to get adequate information and store it in memory. However, more than sixty minutes is excessive information for your brain to take in at once.


The goal at TarteeleQuran is to improve the lives of Muslims by making it possible for children and adults of all ages to study the Quran online in the comfort of their homes in an economical and easily accessible manner. Muslims who have obtained a complete and nuanced comprehension of the scriptures via the study of Tajweed and Tarteel find the most excellent satisfaction in the teachings of the Quran.


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