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Are you looking for ways to reduce internet data usage? This post may be the right place for you. Having a Wi-Fi connection at home is good to do internet related work. But if you use internet plans with data caps, you can face data consumption issues. When daily or monthly usage limits get exhausted, all your internet related works get stopped.   

Therefore, we are here to teach you smart data management in a few easy steps. The data management tips will help you manage data to have the internet while doing some critical work at home. Let’s learn this management lesson and be a successful work fromhome individual in 2021.

Look at your router data

Some routers provide apps to monitor data usage on connected devices. Managing data through apps is an ideal way to control data consumption in the home network. With this system, you can find the devices that consume more data, and after that, you can think about how to fix it. 

Consider a low streaming resolution

You often watch high-quality visual content on your device. But high-resolution streaming is responsible for colossal data consumption. However, it can be challenging to reduce data usage while streaming, but you can manage it differently. Do not stream content if you are already involved in other activities. This act will lower data usage. You can try a more effective way. Before you start streaming videos or movies, you can opt for low resolution. On streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube, you get the option to change resolution. 

Don’t forget to disable streaming sticks

You often use streaming sticks like Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV to watch visual content on non-smart TVs by connecting with your home Wi-Fi. But these useful streaming sticks may remain turned on after you turn off the TV. That clearly means that they will consume data as they are connected with Wi-Fi. So, you should make sure that the streaming sticks are turned off. 

Don’t forget to close webpages

While using the internet, you explore the internet by opening several web pages. And if you exit from the browser without closing the web pages or tabs, they will run in the background and consume the data. So please make sure that you have closed open tabs and web pages. Mainly, you need to pay attention to the autoplay option on social media feeds. Turn autoplay option off to eliminate unwanted data usage. 

Take advantage of browser extensions        

Using browser extensions also helps in minimizing data usage. For example, Bandwidth Hero is an excellent option to get optimized images while saving data. This extension works when you access a site by compressing the site’s images without human efforts. Bandwidth Saver for YouTube optimizes YouTube settings for the lowest data usage. You can also consider data-saver tools on your device.

Remember to turn off games if you don’t play them actively

When you play games, you want to keep the game live even if you are involved in other activities. But it is good to know that most of the games use online elements that will consume data even if you are idle. When the game remains active for an hour, you will lose massive data. It’s ok to keep the game open for a few minutes, but if you have to leave it for a long duration, you should exit it.

Consider unlimited data plans

If your online work is really data-consuming, like video downloading or uploading, you may need to get unlimited data plans. Or, if your home network has responsibility for multiple devices, you can go with unlimited plans. And avoid streaming on larger screens like TV or PCs. Go for phones and tablets. 

Some other ways to reduce data usage       

  • Restrict recording on smart security cams
  • Secure your router
  • Pay attention to unnecessary data consumption

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