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When summer ends, and autumn arrives, asters and morning glories provide much-appreciated colour to the garden. Both the Aster and the morning glory are very symbolic flowers due to their unique appearance and extensive significance. 

Asters have been used as symbols of revolution, memorials to fallen troops, and creative inspiration for artists and authors.

A fast-growing vine known as the morning glory has long been used as a metaphor for love, both unending and unrequited.

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The Aster

Asters provide a splash of colour to the transition from summer to autumn; they are a part of the Daisy family (Asteraceae), which also includes dahlias, marigolds, and sunflowers.

Between 250 and 350 different species of asters may be found in the wild today. The daisy-like blooms have thin petals that radiate forth from a white or yellow tubular disc floret and appear in a wide range of hues from white and yellow to pink, purple, red, and blue.

A few years ago, scientists revised and divided the Aster genus, reclassifying almost all North American “asters” as members of a new genus called Symphyotrichum. True asters, or members of the genus Aster, are currently mostly found in Europe and Asia.

Meanings and Symbolism of Aster

The blossoms of this plant resemble stars; thus, the Greek word for them means “star.”

Aster leaves were burned in ancient Greece and Rome to keep off snakes and bad spirits.

As a result, the gods of ancient Greece and Rome revered these blooms as holy relics. According to Greek mythology, Astraea's tears were the original source of Aster.

The aster flower has long stood as a symbol of beauty, love, and wisdom. It's also been linked to virtues like trustworthiness and loyalty.

Asters come in a variety of colours; purple is associated with royalty and knowledge, white with purity, red with zeal, and pink with gentleness and compassion. Some people believe that asters are Capricorns' traditional zodiac flowers. For a couple's 20th wedding anniversary, they get this flower.

The Morning Glory

Morning glories, which belong to the genus Ipomoea, are well-known fast-growers whose blossoms, for some reason, only open in the morning and shut again in the afternoon.

Morning glories are most often associated with blue and purple hues, but they can come in a variety of other colours, including pink, red, white, and even black. The blooms are very appealing to butterflies and hummingbirds because of their trumpet form and five big, flat petals that surround the flower head.

The big, heart-shaped leaves look like sweet potato leaves (another member of Ipomoea). Native to Mexico and Central America, Ipomoea purpurea is the common name for the morning glory flower.

You shouldn't consume or cook with morning glories since they are poisonous. Small levels of a hallucinogenic chemical have been found in the seeds of several species.

Meanings and Symbolism of Morning Glory

The morning glory has a long history of being a symbol of love, much like other vining plants. Both unrequited love and unending devotion have been associated with morning glories throughout history.

White, like many flowers, denotes purity and innocence, whereas blue indicates everlasting love, desire, and power; purple represents grace; pink represents thankfulness; red represents passion; and white represents strength.


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