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Custom vehicle wraps have become an extremely popular way for car and truck owners to customize and stylize their rides. Vehicle wraps refer to vinyl graphics and films that are installed over the exterior paint of cars, trucks, vans, trailers, and other automobiles. From solid colors to complex full-color prints, custom wraps allow you to transform your vehicle into a moving billboard to showcase your personality, interests, or business. In this article, we’ll explore the most common types of custom vehicle wraps and how they can be used.

Full Vehicle Wraps

The most comprehensive option is a full vehicle wrap, which covers the entire exterior of the car or truck in the vinyl graphic. Full wraps provide complete customization of your vehicle with the color, pattern, or design of your choice. This eye-catching style has made full wraps popular for advertising and promotional vehicles. Brand logos, contact information, social media handles, and any other marketing content can be incorporated into the full wrap design. For personal vehicles, full wraps allow you to make a bold stylistic statement with finishes like chameleon, carbon fiber, brushed metal, matte, and more.

Partial Wraps

For those looking for more moderate customization, partial wraps offer versatility. As the name suggests, partial wraps only cover portions of the vehicle’s exterior. Some popular options include hood and roof wraps, half wraps covering the rear or sides, and stripping or graphic accents along the edges. Partial wraps provide targeted areas to highlight colors and designs without completely concealing the original paint. They also cost less to produce and install than full wraps. Partial wraps are great for adding creative flair and interest to any vehicle.

Spot Color Changes

Some vehicle owners opt to simply change the color of specific spots or sections on the vehicle exterior using vinyl wraps. Common examples include changing the color of mirrors, door handles, pillars, wheels, hoods, roofs, trunks, and spoilers. This allows you to experiment with bold or accent colors in strategic locations without a more drastic full wrap. Spot color changes are very affordable and fully removable, making them a fun way to test drive different looks. This type of subtle customization can really make your car stand apart.

Striping & Graphics

Adding striping and graphics provides a high-impact option for customizing your ride. Bold racing stripes down the center or along the sides of your vehicle give it speed and visual interest. You can choose colored or metallic stripes in different sizes and configurations. Custom graphics and decals in the form of outlines, shapes, letters or abstract designs can also be added. For businesses, graphic vehicle wraps can share contact information, slogans, products or other promotional messages. For individuals, graphics allow you to highlight your hobbies, interests or personality on your wrap design.

Matte or Gloss Finishes

When selecting a wrap, you’ll also want to consider the finish. Gloss finishes offer eye-catching shine and reflection, while matte wraps have an understated, velvety look. Carbon fiber, brushed metal, chrome, wood grain, and other textures can be used to add dimension. The finish you choose impacts the style and visual appeal of the wrapped vehicle. Gloss colors tend to look bolder and louder, while matte wraps create a more refined, upscale impression. Combining gloss and matte finishes on different wrap elements can look very striking.

Last but not Least

Custom vehicle wraps open up amazing possibilities for customizing your car, truck or fleet. Full wraps, partial wraps, spot changes, striping and graphics allow you to style your ride in a way that showcases your personality and creativity. Just be sure to work with experienced vehicle wrap installers to ensure a flawless, professional quality application using high-grade vinyl materials. With proper maintenance and care, your custom wrap will get you noticed while protecting your vehicle’s paint for years to come.


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