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Understanding the existing housing of workers as a historically molded situation since the city's first modernization plans is essential for comprehending the implications of the ongoing worldwide discussion of Dubai's labor conditions. Long before labor camps were allowed in the city, Dubai was home to a migrant and indigent labor force. A relatively recent spatial creation that benefited Dubai's growth objectives was the labor camp. Labor camp furniture supplier in Dubai is rising with good ultimate motive.

All furniture and utilities are supplied by the camp management. The facilities of furniture for labor camps are single beds and steel bunk beds, Wooden single beds and bunk beds, Wooden Cupboard and Steel Locker, Bed Mattress with Medicine, Pillow with Soft Foam and Poly Fiber Filling, Single and Double Ply blankets and Set of bed sheets and pillowcases. These are very essential for their living.

Not only the furniture is important but also the individuals and organizations who prepare food should be knowledgeable about proper food preparation and planning techniques, as well as possess the necessary capacity. These areas should have adequate pantries or ones that are equivalent for holding both wet and dry goods, as well as adequate refrigerators and tubs or sinks for cleaning and washing. First guide offices should be provided and open on a regular basis. Ramps for medical equipment, such as stretchers, should also be provided. The nearest crisis management organizations' contact information should be made public. The camp's competent medical caretakers' identities and phone numbers should also be made public. Crisis management services should have access to the empowering part. Having the furniture around helps the flexibility of living in the camp.

Firefighting hoses should be constructed to include the whole camp edge and be equipped to transport the appropriate water. Heat-resistant materials must be used in the construction of all buildings. All settlement zones need to implement fire and smoke warnings. Wherever possible, structures should be kept apart by providing space or heat-resistant material. Experienced personnel should operate mechanical equipment, as it were. All appropriation sheets should be equipped with electrical circuit breakers.

The management team is inclined to look after the pets, flying objects, and other animals should not be maintained or fed unless authorized by management or the camp director. Dangers such as slip, trip, or fall hazards should be kept out of certain areas. And, if transportation offices are provided on-site, they should be secure, have trained drivers, and adhere to local regulations. In rural areas or areas without open transportation, access to transportation is necessary to enable campers to get to and from nearby towns. In areas prone to mosquitoes, look for mosquito breeding, especially the presence of hatchlings in any stagnant water within the workers' quarters. At least once a week should be dedicated to cleaning the premises. Warm misting of the surroundings of the doctor's office should be done, at the very least. A chief should be chosen to plan all of the camp's activities, including exercises, correspondence, investigations, and so on.

Source: https://dailybusinesspost.com/a-guide-to-the-labor-camp-in-dubai/


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