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A gym membership and the first cigarette: we get both for the wrong reasons

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Smoking a cigarette should have nothing to do with your gym membership. But it does.

Why do smokers start smoking? We don't understand why they keep smoking (that's addiction through and through), but why do they start? Because they think it's the best thing to do, yes, but why do they think that? Because they are bombarded with messages that smoking really does make any “good time” better, and all the cool people seem to do it. That's what keeps teens addicted.

What does this mean to you to want  gym membership in Burnley  that he will get in good physical shape by joining the gym. He thinks he will “look great” by literally paying for it. Why? Because that person has been bombarded with messages that all “fit people” are gym goers. They see it in the movies, they see their neighbor coming home from the gym with his biceps in the evening, and a gym membership is easily associated with a physically fit body.

So the idea behind this article is to tell you, my dear friend, why it is not advisable to take a gym membership. If your ultimate goal is to be physically fit, then you don't need to be a member of a gym. Not now. And possibly never.

Everything is in the mind

Our mind is a powerful place. And that's where we should start. Ask yourself, “What am I trying to achieve here?” Your main goal is to get ‘in shape'. Is it ‘losing weight' or ‘removing fat' or ‘losing belly fat'? Of course it is.

What is not the main goal is ‘the right atmosphere for physical exertion'. It helps if you have the right atmosphere, but that's not your main goal, more a means to an end. That ‘goal', that aim, is and must always remain clear; “Getting and staying physically fit and healthy.”

Let's break it down further. What should you do to stay physically fit and healthy? I can tell you not JUST from personal experience (which in itself is always a good indicator), but also from highly respected athletes and coaches, that two things are paramount here.

One is your diet. The Other is how regular you are in the physical exercise of your body.

If you want to lose 5 centimeters in the next week, you are really setting yourself too cruel a goal. You prepare to fail. Again, it's all in your mind and you need to understand that you will get physically fit, look and feel absolutely amazing if and only if you change your posture. That's the only guarantee.

The benefits of clear thinking

Over the past few months I have greatly enjoyed, by the grace of God, the benefits of a little adjustment in my attitude. So much so that I've now set up a home gym (and as a website designer I've also started a website on the subject!). I still don't see myself going to the gym; Why spend the money and commute to work if I can achieve my top goals without a gym membership, in the comfort of my own home? After all, I'm not in shape for the ‘social angle' or for the ‘right vibe', I tell myself.

I train every other day and the whole session only takes half an hour. 30 minutes, after a rest day; I never thought it would be this simple. And the results? I see them in the mirror! Plus I've trained my mind not to think short term when it comes to this so I know God willing I can have those ripped abs in the next 6-7 months.

I trained myself very easily to eat the right kind of food. This has been very difficult for me in the past. It was difficult because, as I said before, I had the wrong mindset, the wrong attitude and most importantly the wrong information. Once I realized the actual error it was no problem to fix it. Now I know that I don't have to be a calorie counter to get and stay in shape.

The bottom line is that when you “train your mind,” everything else starts to fall into place.




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