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Human bodies are made of various organs that help in digestion, absorption, and excretion. These are important functions that help us to sustain. The excretion process is further divided into three forms that are solid liquid and gas. Our system excretes out all the waste material using these methods that are performed by specific organs.

However, for proper excretion, we do require absorption of nutrients and purification of blood by removing toxic substances. One such organ that helps in removing waste in the form of a liquid called urine and also releasing certain hormones in our body is the kidneys.

Due to any reason, kidneys can get damaged and stop functioning properly. Many processes are related to kidneys. Therefore, a patient should consult with a doctor and cure the disease or medical disorder. Such a type of doctor that is called a nephrologist performs all the kidney treatments.

General Information

Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that are located in the lower region of our bodies. Their primary job is to remove waste substances from the body and thus purifying the blood. It also excretes excess water that is passed out of our system via the urinary tract.


Kidneys perform different operations that are required by the body such as:

Balancing the acidic content.

Regulating the amount of salt.

Releasing various hormones that help in the proper operation of other organs.

Produces Vitamin D that promotes calcium absorption and creates strong bones.

Also promotes red blood cells production.


 Various disorders can happen in kidneys like kidney pain, infection, blood in urine, and protein deposition. Out of these, kidney stones are one such problem where solid stone-like structures are formed inside the kidneys. These can create discomfort and pain for the patient. In most cases, the doctor will perform surgery to remove the stones from the body.

Apart from this, this problem can have a direct or indirect effect on other functions of the human system. Kidneys are a vital organ that helps in filtering toxic fluid and keeping the blood clean. Therefore, any medical issue in this area can be fatal and needs to be treated with proper care.

Reasons for Kidney Stones


If there is anyone in your family that has faced such a problem, then you can suffer from the same condition.

Improper Diet

Our diet plays an important role in the well-being of the internal organs. Diet rich in protein or sodium can result in the formation of stones in the kidneys.

Previous History

A person can develop the same symptoms of having kidney stones again. If you already had surgery before, then do consult with the doctor regarding your present medical condition.


Certain types of medications taken for some other disease can cause disturbance in the normal functionality of other organs. Regular intake of such medicines without proper prescription can result in kidney stones.

High-Concentration of Substance

The kidneys help in removing different substances from the blood. If the concentration of these substances including calcium, oxalate, or uric acid, increases more than a given limit, then they start forming solid structures inside the organs.


The symptoms for each patient can vary depending on the health and overall condition of a patient. Here is a list of some common symptoms faced by people:

Blood in the urine.

Feeling pain and discomfort while urination.

Excruciating pain in the lower abdominal region.

Feeling nauseated.

High fever accompanied by body ache and chills



There are several methods to diagnose kidney stones. Some of the techniques used by doctors are:

Urine Test: A simple urination procedure can reveal any kind of abnormalities. A complete day urine collection test is conducted where doctors try to analyze the stone formation.

Digital Imaging: In this method, various digital scanning tests are performed like X-rays and CT-Scans to determine the cause of kidney stones. These scans also show the severity of the problem.

Blood Test or Biopsy: Here, a small sample of blood is taken to a laboratory for testing. If there is an excessive amount of calcium or uric acid in the blood, then the doctors can proceed with the necessary treatment.


After the diagnosis is complete, the doctor has two options. The first option involves some medicinal and diet changes to push the kidney stone out of the body. In the second method, a nephrologist performs invasive or noninvasive techniques to clear the pathways. These techniques include shock-wave lithotripsy which is a shock wave treatment, ureteroscopy which uses an endoscope to break and clear the kidneys, or percutaneous nephrolithotomy for removing large stones.

Whom to Contact?

For finding the kidney stones removal cost Singapore, you can directly visit the medical center or fix an appointment via the given contact number. The urology specialist Singapore present there have all the required equipment for performing various operations.


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