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A lifetime, black and white shadow painting

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Those who like to delve into “why to love”, “when to fall in love” and “how much to love” are those who have a lot of life to waste, and what people like them lack most is life and time, no one will understand the profound meaning of “this moment” better than them. At this moment, it is wonderful to have a fresh life. Anything left over that is attached to life is an additional gift. I don't know what Cheng Muyun, a man who began to keep the precepts at the age of fifteen, thinks of the word love. In Fu Yiming's eyes, love is hard to find, but it can be easily lost. You never know if you're falling in love with an enemy, or a potential enemy in the future. It's all too common for life and death to be one second apart and the next. At the end of the field, a dilapidated jeep came after him. It was three men and a woman who were responsible for monitoring Cheng Muyun. The driver jumped down and whispered in English that he was sorry, which was a request from above. Fu Yiming has no opinion, after all, there is a car to send back, better than walking back. The car quickly drove into the busy street. Cheng Muyun looked at the people sitting along the street outside and asked her, “If you were given a whole day, where would you like to go?” There were four strangers in the car who were responsible for monitoring him, and Fu Yiming,Flushometer valve, who was sitting in the co-driver's seat, could hear their conversation. I Wen Han answered softly in Russian, “Kathmandu.” It was the place where two people first met, although, in that place he did not see the slightest faith, very shameless, but now recall,Manual Flush Valve, it seems that in that place is the best. Whether it is a small hotel with Indian incense burning and a small wind chime hanging at the door, or a small Western restaurant with a leaky canopy, or a simple hand-painted shop on the corner of the street, it is still so vivid in memory, with the humidity of Nepal's rainy season. If time could go back, she would never avoid him at the very beginning, just a little calm time, she would seize every minute to understand him. Wen Han's eyes were a little sour, and he bowed his head to hide it. Then I heard him smile and say in lazy and helpless Russian: “However, we will have some difficulties in time and on the way back to Nepal. I must come back at noon tomorrow to participate in this grand monastic ceremony.”. How about Varanasi? It only takes an hour to get there. “Cheng Muyun totally ignored the sight of the three men in the back row, turned her head sideways, and the warm breath slipped from her forehead to her ear.” Didn't I make you happy enough in the room filled with a bed? ” A violent cough came from the co-driver's seat, and Fu Yiming was really choked. But Wen Han did not care that someone heard it and completely lost the consciousness of blushing. She just looked surprised, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, even forgot to answer, just guess, is he going to give himself a complete day? Nothing will happen, just two people? “Go to Varanasi.” Cheng Muyun made a decision and told the driver of the car. Have a great next 24 hours. Fu Yiming opened the door directly, jumped down from the car that was still running, and at the moment when the driver reflexively slowed down, he took a few steps back by inertia and stopped steadily on the side of the road. After deducting the time spent on the journey, it is less than twenty-four hours. This may be the last time Cheng Muyun can give her. The car sped all the way. It's like a race against time to save someone. Cheng Muyun only made a sound when he needed directions and simply told the driver how to drive. As he said, he really lived in India for a long time ten years ago and knew every road here. In the end, when she saw the familiar street, she found that she had really returned to the place where she had lived in India. Cheng Muyun jumped out of the car and held out her right hand to her in the car. The restaurants on both sides, as well as the little yellow dog around the door of the shop, are still there. But this idea is so silly, just a few days, how can it not be here. Wen Han stepped out of the car and followed him. Last time, she found this place according to the environment described by Cheng Muyun. At that time, the white-clothed Indian uncle selling souvenirs in the alley was still standing warmly at the door, greeting Wen Han with a smile. Wen Han remembered the door and looked over. The uncle in white was sitting in the shop dozing off. What do you want to buy? She shook her head. What to buy? It's obviously not a trip. She even lost her luggage. “Don't you want to buy incense?” It seems that Cheng Muyun wants to fulfill her obligations as a boyfriend. When a girlfriend stops in front of a small shop in a foreign country, she immediately takes out her wallet to meet her needs. Whether it's jewelry, souvenirs, or even things you don't need at all, buy them all. Wen Han shook his head again. “Are we going to your Indian friend's house for one night?” She looked at the metal stairs not far away, as well as the adjacent small buildings one after another. You can live if you want. “You have a key?” Cheng Muyun's line of sight stayed on Wen Han's lips for a few seconds and smiled obscurely: “Is the key so important?”? Dear Wen Han giggled. He's not going to break the door, is he? Fortunately, Cheng Muyun did not see this kind of thing. He found the key to the door in the crack under the cement stone platform, opened it, and took her into the small apartment where no one lived. The four men who followed him, after looking at each other, decided to follow in. After all, this is a three-story building, in the outdoor night is nothing, I am afraid will not be able to fully monitor Cheng Muyun's behavior. As a result, when they followed in, they found that the two had entered the kitchen. What exactly are you going to do? Does the erstwhile leader of the Moscow Action Group always act so strangely? The four men sat calmly around the carpet and waited quietly in the living room. Wen Han glanced at the living room and asked softly, “Are they yours, too?” She did not know what had happened in the interrogation room, nor did she know that Cheng Muyun had been monitored. Cheng Muyun smiled a little. Strange: “Yes, no.” “Oh,” she said, and began rummaging around the kitchen to see what could be used. A lot of spices, one by one to open the lid to identify,Concealed Flush Valve, which need, which do not need. Cheng Muyun watched her turn out a lot of spices, as well as tomatoes and carrots. He picked up a tomato and measured it in his hand: “Do you want to cook?” “Mmm.” 。 cnkexin.com



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