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A Quick Guide to the Best Panniers for Your Bike

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Bike riding is one of the most comfortable and fun things to do. Each year, new technological advancements are being made to create more efficient and safe bikes. They are eco-friendly, easy to ride, safer than other vehicles, good for health, and don’t emit any harmful gases. The bikes have a few gears that are very easy to put in, which makes the rider’s work easier. Like panniers that carry items, suspensions that help in comfortable rides, mudguards, lights, and more.


Long bike rides necessitate the carrying of items. But riding a bike while wearing a backpack can be exhausting. That’s when panniers come to the rescue. Pannier bags are the hanging bags on the sides of your bicycle. They hang on the sides through racks called ‘pannier racks’, which are put up to hang them. The bags are designed to carry a good amount of weight so that all necessary things can be taken on the bike trip, and the rider won’t have to carry them around on his shoulders. A great example of such bags is Ortlieb bike panniers, which are widely known for their quality and long-lasting build. There are mainly two types of pannier racks, rear and front-mounted. The racks keep panniers in balance and don’t hinder the movement of wheels. Certain touring bikes are designed with sturdy frames to assist in managing the weight and balance of panniers. If the rear panniers are insufficient for the tour, front-mounted panniers can be installed. You can put light weight items on the front panniers, to avoid putting extra pressure on handling. If you load heavy items into the front panniers, you may have difficulty riding, especially on rough terrain. One of the best rear panniers available in the market is Ortlieb rear pannier, which are waterproof and easy to mount on the racks.


There are 3 major points you need to consider before buying panniers:


  • Capacity: Like all other bags, panniers come in different capacities. Touring panniers are bags that have a large capacity, to bear heavy weights during long journeys. Some have capacities of up to 50 litres. These bags also come with waterproof material, which helps in different weather conditions, and the gear for mounting them comes in a similar strength. Another category is commuter bags, which are available in small sizes, and are pretty useful for short trips like those within the city. A good example of such bags is Ortlieb back panniers, which come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your needs.
  • Material: Panniers are made with sturdy material, to keep everything inside safe during the journey. The waterproof ones are necessary for places where rain can fall at any time. They are usually made from PVC or tarpaulin for protection.
  • Positioning: Panniers can be mounted on the front or back wheel. Rear panniers are usually preferred as it is more comfortable to ride when the weight is on the backside. If the heavy bags are put on the front wheel, it burdens the handle and may result in an imbalance.






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