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A Quick Guide To Tie-dying T-shirts

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Tie-dyeing shirts is a fun way to transform old items from your wardrobe into colorful wear worth wearing. It makes a fun DIY project for people of all ages and is a great activity that even children will enjoy. While many brands offer tie-dye shirts wholesale, making them on your own is entertaining nonetheless. This guide will help you get started with tie-dye projects in a few simple steps.

 Prepare The Tee

If you dye shirts without wetting them, the colors won’t spread evenly and the results will not be as stunning. It is best to start by soaking the shirt in lukewarm water for about 10 minutes. Wring out the remaining water, and place the tee on a flat surface.  Adding soda ash water before soaking the tees will improve color absorption. Make sure to wear a pair of safety gloves if you have sensitive skin.

Prepare The Dye

Get the tie-dye kit and follow the instructions on the packet. A few decorators advise adding some salt to the mixture to enrich the colors. You also have the option to purchase powdered dye and mix them by yourself (Keep in mind that this method could get the ink all over if you are not cautious). 

Tie The Tee

The patterns like –  bull's eye, nebula, polka dots, sunburst design, etc – that appear on your t-shirt will depend on how you tie the shirt prior to dyeing. Find the method of tying to achieve popular tie-dye patterns are. Leaf through some example design ideas and pick the one you like the most. ie your shirt accordingly. Make sure that you tie the shirt as precisely as described. Otherwise, it will spoil the finish of your patterns. Tie them up with rubber bands and you are ready for the fun part.


Apply The Dye 

Apply the dye from the bottle onto the shirt, following the tie-dye pattern you have chosen. Apply only one color at a time starting with lighter shades like pink, yellow, lime green first and moving on to darker. Use the nozzle of the bottle to get down the colors in the folds and creases. Once you have applied the dye to one side of the shirt, flip it over and repeat the process with the other side. 


Wear and Enjoy 

Get the tee from the bag, undo the string, and enjoy the exquisite work of art you have created. But before you rush to wear it, rinse the tee in cold water any remaining dye gets washed away.  Remember not to put any other clothes in the machine in the initial wash. Once it dries, you can put it on with pride. 


Follow these easy steps to make brilliant tie-dye shirts with lovely patterns. Would rather buy a ready-made one? Checkout YouApparel for tie dye sweatshirts wholesale and tie dye hoodies wholesale!


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