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Coronary Heart Disease occurs when the arteries that are responsible for TheOxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review  transporting oxygen to your heart become blocked due to a buildup of plaque. This buildup can cause the artery to become completely blocked and result in sudden heart failure. Plaque, as you may know, is basically a buildup of LDL, or low density lipoproteins, often commonly referred to as bad cholesterol. Now that you know what it is, let's look at how you can reduce your risk of getting this terrible disease in just 5 simple steps.

 If you smoke, STOP IT! – It almost seems trite to say that smoking is bad for you, but yet, folks continue to do it. Smoking causes an increase in LDL cholesterol in your body among other harmful ailments, so let's top the list with this one and make it a priority.Limit your consumption of animals – Listen, I love a good steak as much as the next person, but eating food made from animals increases our cholesterol. Increasing our cholesterol increases the chance of plaque buildup and potentially coronary heart disease. Aim to eat fruits and vegetables with a SIDE of animal protein, not the other way around.

 Visit the doctor regularly – Much of what occurs during the buildup of plaque in your body is symptom free. You may not know a problem exists until it is too late. Therefore, visit your doctor and get your cholesterol checked regularly. You may also want to do an angiogram which can measure your heart's activity. Knowing where you stand with your cholesterol levels will help you design a plan of action to stay healthy and keep those levels low.



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