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A rechargeable smartphone case as an alternative to the external battery?

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Increasingly mobile users are pushing us to find the most effective ways to extend the autonomy of our smartphones. Because their batteries have a limited lifespan, there are different ways to extend the use of your smartphone, the best known being the external battery or power bank. However, there are other systems, including the hull with an integrated battery or the rechargeable hull.


A hull with an integrated battery?


The shell with battery is above all a protective shell but which also incorporates a small capacity battery: 2000 to 4000 mAh. It ensures a full charge of the phone.

As soon as the shell is on the phone, it automatically switches to charging on it.

Integrated into the phone, the shell is practical and easy to use: just put it on your phone and it takes over when necessary.


What is the difference between the external battery and?


Although bringing additional weight to the phone, the advantage of a Samsung galaxy a72 case over a battery lies in its appearance integrated into it. You therefore always have it at hand and the phone can be used as usual while charging.


The external battery, on the other hand, is more cumbersome because it is connected to the phone, so you have to have it in hand or near the phone. In addition, it is quite common to forget it and end up in the water when recharging becomes necessary.


The battery case has a lower capacity than the external battery: 4000 mAh vs more than 5000 mAh for an external battery and the external battery has better longevity. The external battery is therefore indicated for demanding users who want a fast charge for their phone. However, some batteries sometimes slow down certain uses of the phone, unlike a Samsung a72 case with a battery.


Finally, the battery shell may also displease demanding users who prefer thin or inconspicuous shells because who says rechargeable shell, says integrated battery, and therefore a certain thickness.


How to choose between the two?


The choice will mainly be made according to your expectations and habits. If you simply want to prolong the use of your smartphone, without being in intensive use, and you are not afraid of the appearance of the shell and its weight, this one will be ideal.

If you prefer to have a powerful charge that will allow you to use your phone more extensively, then the external battery will be more appropriate.


But wouldn't it be ideal not to choose and to opt for the 2 systems which are ultimately complementary, and to take advantage of the advantages of each according to your needs?!







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