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A Red Violin Gown For a Change

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The first violin gown that I bought was a Red Violin Gown from a vintage concert line. At that time, it cost me over $200! The neckline on this violin was puffed, full of tulle, and had no train. I wore this one for about ten years before it started to show signs of wear. And when I bought the “Blooming Flower” version with an attached train, I found that the neckline was more firm than I remembered, and it took several months before it became noticeably shabbier.

Then I discovered the beautiful Red Violin Gown by Ariel Van Gogh. This dress was made of scarves, and the bodice had a fine red shimmer that blended nicely with my pale skin. The color of the bodice was also enhanced by the long flowing skirt that tied in the back.

My friend's sister, Maria, who is in her thirties, gave me a call one evening to tell me that she had purchased a gorgeous red violin for her performance of Handel's “Water Music” in London a few weeks ago. Maria explained that she had chosen the special rehearsal stage that has been specially arranged for performers. As she handed me the gift, I was awed by the quality and detail of the gift – even the ornate gold brocade fabric that had been professionally sewn into the bodice and skirt.

Maria and I are friends, but she had permitted me to give me this beautiful red violin as a birthday present. (I feel young at heart today because I am still able to remember that gift twenty years later.) Maria, who is in her twenties, informed me that she had been shopping for a red violin gown for the past several years. She chose this design because it looked particularly well on her thin body. The price was also very reasonable since you could see that it was a high-quality piece. Maria told me that she had purchased a similar red grosgrain ribbon that was used on her “Petticoat Princess” dress.

Maria told me that she had taken several hours of classes studying for the audition and that the gown fit perfectly since it was custom made. (I think she looked quite pleased with herself.) After her performance, Maria was interviewed by the director. She told me that she was very thankful that she had chosen the red violin gown and that the compliments that she had experienced were mostly positive.

Maria told me that she usually has to purchase a red bow and a red violin case when she goes to buy a new one. (Not to worry, these items can be found in most good stores.) Maria explained that when she is shopping for her red gown, she usually goes with a more traditional color such as burgundy or sage. However, she does not limit herself to these colors. Every year she has a different color she likes to wear.

Maria's gown was beautiful. It was simple yet elegant. It was practical because it helped her carry all of her belongings with her without worrying about them breaking, but at the same time, it did not take away from the special qualities that made her very happy. Maria looked forward to going to get her “Petticoat Princess” dress for Christmas!

Maria's next performance will be in the fall, in New York. She told me that she will be wearing a red violin gown. I know just how much she loves and admires her Petticoat Princess dress! The look of love radiated. She also added that she will probably get many other red dresses from the many designers that are out there! It is a great time to be young and beautiful, and you can't go wrong with that.


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