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The Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) are lightweight, precast, and foam concrete building materials used to produce all concrete masonry units (CMU) such as aac blocks. They are generally made up of quartz sand, calcined gypsum, lime, cement, water, and aluminum powder. These products are cured under heat and pressure in an autoclave. They were invented more than 800 years ago, and it generally provides structure, insulation, and fire- and mold-resistance at the same time, which makes them a top choice for making houses and buildings.

What are the uses of AAC blocks?

AAC blocks are perfect for tall-story buildings having high-temperature variations because of their lower density. There are many AAC block suppliers in Noida. The high-rise buildings which are constructed using AAC blocks always require less steel and concrete for structural members. The mortar used for laying AAC blocks is also reduced due to the reduced number of joints due to building with aac blocks.

Similarly, the number of materials required for rendering is also lowered due to the dimensional accuracy shown by the AAC blocks. The increased thermal efficiency of AAC blocks also makes them suitable for use in areas that have extreme temperatures as it eliminates the need for using different materials for the construction and insulation of the buildings, which leads to faster construction and cost savings.

Know about the Aac block manufacturing

Regular cement mortar can also be used for the buildings. Still, most of the buildings erected with AAC materials use the thin-bed battery in thicknesses of around 3.2 millimeters (1⁄8 in), which generally depends on the national building codes. Unlike most other concrete applications, AAC blocks are produced using no aggregate that is larger than sand. Quartz sand, calcined gypsum, lime (mineral), cement, and water are generally used as the binding materials in most manufacturing units. Aluminum powder is also used at a rate of 0.05%–0.08% by volumetric mass. In some areas, fly ash generated from coal-fired power plants and having 50–65% silica are used by aac block manufacturers of Noida.

When AAC is mixed and cast in forms and several chemicals by aac block manufacturers in Noida give them its lightweight, which is 20% of the weight of concrete and has thermal properties. The aac block supplier in Noida actively sells the blocks produced by the manufacturers.


The supply chain of aac block supplier in Noida is satisfactory. Services are very reliable, and in case of any issue in the manufacturing units, the resolution is speedy. The blocks are a very good choice for the construction of buildings due to their properties and their active manufacturing and supply chain.


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