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A Small Guide on Using Rubber Mats for Gym!

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Are you planning to buy rubber mats for gym online or other commercial space? Wondering will they turn out to be an effective choice for your gym? The answer is yes! Rubber mats are an ideal option for both commercial and home gyms since it's associated with ample benefits. Also, they come in numerous thicknesses that one can choose as per their requirements.

As a gym owner, you want to make one’s experience better both in terms of security and enjoyment; right? So, rubber mats are the perfect way for enhancing the workouts and also, they are quite popular in gym spaces. They not only attract people however also takes care of their safety.

The best way for assessing the rubber mats is to look at a few features like thickness, material type, application, installation process, aesthetic look, safety, cost, durability, cost, and maintenance.

In this post, we will see the benefits that are associated with rubber mats, and how to clean them to extend their longevity. Let’s get started with this amazing guide!

How to Clean Rubber Gym Mats?

You might need a few tools for cleaning rubber gym mats. They are simple tools you used in your homes like broom, mop, bucket, vacuum, sponge, and rags. In case, you want to clean your mats professionally, you can spend some money in buying neutral PH cleaner. In case, if the mats have been installed in your gym, within the last 48 hours then don’t clean them for minimum 3 days.

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So, how can you clean rubber mats in a better way. Firstly, sweep or vacuum dirt from your gym mats. But ensure the surfaces are dry and grit free. Make use of a mop without the loose cotton fibers. Why? Since it can get stick on the rubber mat's surface! So, better to use the mop that has microfiber or simply nylon ends.

Make a small amount of disinfectant so as to prevent the accumulation of soap on your gym mats. While using the mop, ensure to change the water frequently to avoid the spreading of bacteria and the dirt that you have picked from the mats.

One of the most vital things that one must think about is the frequency to clean the rubber mats. This relies on the traffic as well as the amount of debris that builds up on the mat. Once done with cleaning, it becomes easy to maintain them. What all it requires is daily vacuuming and sometimes a weekly cleaning only.

If possible for you, spring cleaning the gym mats can keep them in better condition. It's quite easy for dust to get accumulated under the mats so doing this once a year will make the process of maintaining mats easy for you.

Pros of Rubber Mats for Gym

Rubber mats work perfectly in small areas and gyms where daily heavyweight workouts are performed.

Let’s have a look at few pros of these rubber mats:

  • Superior durability: The rubber gym mats can withstand heavy weights
  • Great for small spaces: They are a budget-friendly choice for small spaces
  • No installation required: Rubber gym mats can be placed on the gym floor easily without any type of intricate fixing procedures
  • Shock absorbent: The rubber mats have shock absorbing properties that protect the joints of people doing hard workouts
  • Waterproof and antibacterial: It prevents the mats from becoming messy because of water retention or weird growths
  • Easy to relocate: These rubber mats can be shifted to any place by picking them up simply
  • Complete safety: Rubber mats are quite grippy which can help in reducing sudden slips and falls.


Ques. How to choose the thickness of rubber mats?

Ans. The fact is; more thicker you will use the rubber, the more it will be able to protect your subfloor. So, an ultra-thin rubber is able to hold lightweight dumbbells, bodyweight exercise, etc. Medium thicknesses mats are perfect to be used in commercial gyms, powerlifting, CrossFit, etc.

Below given is a quick breakdown of the common mat thicknesses:

  • 8mm is quite popular to be used in home gyms
  • 3/8mm is quite perfect for commercial gyms

Ques. Do rubber mats smell?

Ans. Yes, it smells but the intensity depends on the kind of rubber material that one will purchase.

Ques. How to get rid of the rubber smell?

Ans. Simply mop it with a mild detergent and water solution and airing the mat out. Let it get dry and repeat the process when required. This way you will get rid of the smell coming from the rubber mats.

Wrapping Up

Let’s conclude this post with the hope that it will help you in making a better decision regarding whether to buy rubber mats for gym online or not. We know the benefits are many that will not stop you from buying these rubber mats for your gym. So, don’t think; just give your clients a great experience of doing a workout by using high-quality rubber mats.

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