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A solution to transfer huge Data

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Today’s world is completely data driven. Almost the majority of the world population owns a mobile device and it comes with additional apps like Camera, Document folders at free of cost. The data in the format of .mp3, .mp4, .wmv, pdf, .doc, jpg etc would consume a huge amount of space. At some point of time the data will have to be migrated from the mobile device to a backup storage.

It would become a cumbersome task to manage the storage if you do not have any specific storage space in cloud or device to transfer the data. As a solution to this kind of storage problem, Sendbig comes with an option to transfer the Data up to 30GB in their environment at a free of cost.

The moment you think about data, immediately your mind will flash about the thoughts on security aspects. Not just the storage management, Sendbig helps in sending the content to the next person with full security. now helps to transfer the data at any given time from any device to the next person giving an option to download the data. The important factor is that it stores the data for almost 7 days at free of cost which will be a big relief for users running small/medium business, Entrepreneurs, Movie Makers, Movie watchers, students and general users.


What are the Features of Sendbig?

The biggest feature as part of SendBig is that it allows the upload with a resumable option. Sometimes during upload when the system is shutdown, the upload can be made to resume the next day morning. Hence the upload is going to happen completely in the background without you worrying about the upload and the interruption on it.

SendBig has a high security feature and it has 24/7 support to address any single security concern of the user. This shows what level of importance is given to security on the data by the team. What else would a general user would prefer to when both security and the storage is given together and with various membership options

Other features are going to be customizable URLs which can allow you to configure the respective inputs as part of the URL. This feature would be mostly required for the technical experts. Because these file transfer can even be integrated with in house applications and the input to the URL can be decided as per the need of the application

If you are a PRO user the expiry date set for the file will be 30 days and for normal users it would last up to 7 days. SendBig also allows the expiry date for 3 years if you opt for the option like MAX feature from SendBig and it is preferable for a running business, hosting website or for blogging.



Every single feature of Sendbig is meant to be a user preferable option and the self-destruct option is also not going to be the small option. This feature will allow auto delete after the first download and it is also a configurable one.

So, all the important items that are required for a file transfer is available with SendBig and it is time to use this new site to flourish your own setup




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