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A Stable Foundation Solution for Any Ground Condition

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If you have a construction project in your mind, let Stop Digging help you. They offer stable ground anchorage which is a very effective solution. This company has already handled a number of construction projects, so you can rest assured you will succeed. Long gone are the days when you spend much time carrying heavy concrete support posts or mixing concrete for digging and then restoring the surrounding ground. All the procedures have become simpler if you deal with Stop Digging.

You can always opt for ground screws because they can installed all year round. However, tit cannot be said about concrete. If you choose concrete, you will have to wait for it to harden. It will take much time from you and the process will be lengthy. Therefore, if you want to make things much simpler, you should go for ground screws. Ground screws are widely used as a foundation in both private and public projects. Earth screws can be used for:

    • patios
    • park benches
    • modular building 
    • rubbish bins
    • signs
    • cabin NZ
    • fences
    • carport
    • gazebo NZ
    • noise barriers
    • recycling storage sheds
  • bicycle storage
  • garden rooms

Ground screws are very popular cabin building environment. Due to them, you will make things much easier. You can avoid the wet stage of your construction process as they are a unique type of foundation. You will see that the installation is extremely fast and you won’t need many builders. 

Choose ground screws as they are an eco-friendly and low impact solution for cabin NZ. It will certainly satisfy your requirements in terms of minimal disturbance to the natural landscape and tree roots. No matter the weather, installation can be easily carried out. Stop Digging offers the highest quality ground screws that ensure you extreme stability, with the extra benefit of quick installation in every kind of soil. Believe it or not, this is the perfect solution for temporary as well as permanent constructions.

Building gazebo NZ is also easy with ground screws. Stop Digging builds gazebos bespoke for the client’s needs and demands. The professional staff is ready to handle the process without any hassle and without the need for any excavation or spoils to remove. 

Why Choose Ground Screws

  • Ground screws work in most soils and frost.
  • They are installed quickly.
  • You can use these foundations right away after the service is provided.
  • Ground screws do not rust.
  • They have a long life and are built to last.
  • They can be easily removed and reused.

Whenever you decide to build a gazebo in your garden or spacious public area, look no further and contact Stop Digging. The specialists are always ready to take your ideas and end up creating a stable and strong foundation you want. No matter it is soft or hard ground, their screws are able to be installed very quickly. The engineers test their screw anchor before offering, so you can be 100% sure that you are investing in a high quality product. Trust Stop Digging and be sure to get a 25-year guarantee on ground screws.


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