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The Ford Transit Custom is an increasingly common sight on Britain's roads, and it is easy to see why. It offers excellent storage capacity and impressive reliability, and it is also well-suited for towing. If you are a Ford Transit Custom owner, did you know that you can significantly improve its performance by opting for a Ford Transit Custom remap?

What is a remap?

A remap is the rewriting of the factory-set programming in a vehicle's internal computer (known as the Engine Control Unit or ECU). Its purpose is to improve the vehicle in a number of ways.

What parameters are changed?

There are many thousands of parameters/settings that are controlled by the ECU. Some are more important than others. Some of the key settings that are changed during a remap include throttle position, fuel injection rate, fuel injection timing, turbo boost pressure, torque limiters, and ignition timing.

Why are these vehicles not optimised in the factory?

This is a very common question and there are actually two main reasons.

The first is that manufacturers have to adhere to a wide range of guidelines/regulations in-term of emissions, noise, fuel efficiency and so forth. This results in them playing it safe when it comes to settings and parameters.

The second is that by not ‘maxing out' the parameters, they give themselves the opportunity to release ‘upgraded' or ‘improved' versions of the vehicle. So, they could release the standard version with a number of key parameters set at 50% and then the following year, they could release a new and improved model with parameters set at 75%.

Ford Transit Custom Remap kits

We offer a number of specially designed remap kits for Ford Transit Custom vans.

Our Ford Transit Custom 2.0L 130PS tuning kits offer up to 33.7HP of extra power and 104ft-lbs of extra torque. These are available in either Standard or Premium/Deluxe. Both of these include a ‘Performance' map, with the Premium/Deluxe version also including ‘Economy', ‘Sport', and ‘Anti-theft' maps.

Our Ford Transit Custom 2.0L 170PS tuning kits offer up to 43.3HP and 115ft-lbs gains. This represents increases of 23% and 40%, respectively. The Premium/Deluxe version of this kit features a specially designed ‘Towing' map that significantly boosts towing capacity/capability.

All of our ECU remap kits offer impressive gains, are simple to install, pose zero risk to the integrity of your van, and can be removed without leaving any trace.

What improvements will be seen?

When it comes to a remap of a Ford Transit Custom van, the results will be impressive and immediate. The most notable improvements will be better acceleration, more power, and extra torque.

How else can you look after your Ford Transit Custom and optimise performance?

While a remap is an excellent way to maximize your van's performance, there are other measures you can take, such as driving carefully, fitting high-quality tires, and ensuring regular servicing, to optimize its performance.





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