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It is easy to construct the ADU today and the authorities in California have removed every single  hurdle necessary for a legal ADU.  They perhaps have no other alternative conserving the fact that this state is really in short of living space. The authorities have perhaps given the green signal purely out of a social cause, but this is just the scope for you to pounce upon. You may have spare cash and are looking to generate additional income. It is via constructing the ADU you can generate constant recurring income. These units offer plenty more benefits and let me mention the details.

This could be an independent space for an adult child

It is once your child grows up it is important as a parent, you allocate a space to him/her. She may also require privacy but at this moment may not be able to afford a different living space. You could allocate the ADU to the adult child. It is the presence of ADU units, which today allow families to live closer. The families are growing bigger but you would be looking to stay close together. Some members can shift to the ADU and that is how it can still be a close bound family.

This is a place to develop hobbies

You may have some hobby but that is impossible to carry out in the noise created in the main building. It is via an ADU conversion in Los Angeles that one can continue with the hobby in a calm atmosphere. Anyone who needs a peaceful place can escape to this part of the property and spend a few hours.

This space could be allocated to guests, caregivers

This space can be allocated to anyone who intends to stay at your place overnight. The person could be a guest or even a caregiver. It is never a comfortable idea to share a bed and the person may desire privacy. It is best to allocate this part of the home to the person

The value enhancement

You could see that there are plenty of benefits of building this space and alongside the core objective, is to boost up the value of the home. You are now owning a lot more living space and hence there is surely an uptick in home equity value. Are you looking to generate instant ROI? It is also possible because one can rent out these units. These are filling up quickly in your home state California.

Therefore, one can see that the presence of an ADU unit creates value for the home. There are monetary gains to be made once you list the property for sale and at this moment, you can lead a quality life. If you have spare cash in hand and looking to use it wisely do not hesitate to build this unit.


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