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Are your snowboards lying in your garage? Transporting them is a hassle for you? If so, then, with a hitch mounted snowboard rack, you can conveniently transport your gear!

Carrying heavy snowboards, loading them in your vehicle and transporting them through the hilly areas is not easy and takes time and energy. And because of the inconvenience, we cancel our plans to go on an adventure. Moreover, buying snowboards and not being able to use them is a waste of hard-earned money. So, what should you do to transport your gear without any difficulty in a short time?

You need a hitch snowboard rack to transport your snowboards and have an incredibly adventurous experience because you will have all your energy saved for the activity.  

In this post, you will get answers to all your questions related to snowboard racks to get the best snowboard rack for you.

What is a Hitch Mounted Snowboard Rack?

A snowboard rack is a storage carrier designed especially for snowboards and skis and is attached to a hitch mounted on the vehicle.

snowboard rack

Considering the difficulties, one faces while transporting the gear, the adventure lovers invented the equipment to make the process easy. And with changing times, they are being transformed to make the experience smooth and seamless. So, now there is a huge variety of snowboard racks mounted in different ways to the vehicles.

Different Types of Snowboard Racks?

  • Rear Receiver Hitch Mounted Snowboard Rack: It is attached to the vehicle's rear. It is considered one of the best ski racks because it does not obstruct the visibility, such as rear camera visibility and license plate visibility, and is easily accessible.
  • Front Hitch Mounted Snowboard Rack: It is attached to the front instead of the rear and has a similar function as of rear-mounted ski rack, but it may cause inconvenience while parking the vehicle and obstruct your front view.
  • Bumper Hitch Snowboard Rack: It has a straightforward design attached to the bumper. It is versatile but cannot carry much weight.
  • Roof Snowboard Rack: It is attached to the vehicle's roof and is compatible with only light weighted gear.

Which hitch snowboard rack is better?

Looking at the different snowboard racks, you might feel confused about which one to get for you. Do not worry; we will clear out your confusion.

The best out of all the above snowboard racks, the rear hitch snowboard is better than others because of multiple reasons:

  • The rear hitch mounted snowboard can carry a wide range of weights ranging from 900 kgs to 9,000 kgs.
  • It does not obstruct the rear camera's visibility.
  • It is easily accessible as it is to be attached at an optimum height.
  • It comes with a security lock and thus keeps the gear safe and secure.
  • It does not cause any damage to the vehicle as it is to be attached at a certain distance to the vehicle.
  • The best feature of a rear hitch ski rack is that you do not have to spend your time and energy loading and to unload the gear because it is easily accessible and takes less than a few minutes to load and unload the gear.
  • Additionally, the HDPE pipes keep the gear safe and prevent getting dirty in bad weather conditions.

Therefore, a rear hitch mounted snowboard rack has multiple features which enhance your experience to transport the gear.


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