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A Trap In Paris by Uzi Eilam: One of the Best New-Age Thrillers

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A Trap in Paris is book 2 from Uzi Eilam of International Espionage 3-book series. The story begins in Tehran. Reza Ghulam Musawi is a general in the Guardians of the Revolution. In fact, he is director of the Guardian’s Special Missile Development Unit thus holding a very serious post. It is a job of high responsibility. A small mistake of any kind can lead to a big disaster. While he is glancing through a set of documents lying on the breakfast table at home, his wife Latifa tries to assess the severity of the project Reza is handling. The project is about the new Shahab missile. His team has only five days until the first test of new missile is to happen. As a matter of fact, the test has to happen under the direct observation of the president who is keen to see the results as per schedule.

A Trap in Paris by Uzi Eilam

Something is not right in place. Reza feels that somebody is trying to sabotage this critical project. And that is worrying him and causing unnecessary stress. There are two key issues regarding this project that he needs to handle smartly. One, acquiring relevant electronic components. Two, and more serious one is increasing potential cyber attacks on their computer systems which are part of this development. In fact, Iran is developing these long-range missiles and nuclear weapons for a specific reason. And the reason is to attack Israel. A Trap in Paris by Uzi Eilam is an interesting, intriguing, and sensational fight between good and bad, right and wrong. To counter Teheran’s development in this direction and to save Israel from Iran’s attack we have Dr. Gideon Ben Ari who is retired from Israel Army Services. This grave situation and his extraordinary skills force Israeli government his re-recruitment.

A Trap In Paris Is An Excellent War Thriller

With Gideon back in Israeli defense forces, his next task is to handle and nullify these new challenges from international terror organizations attacking from Iran. Gideon knows it is not an easy task whatever amount of experience, knowledge, and wisdom he has. There are a number of mindboggling suspense sequences that could shock Gideon while tackling the situation and unveiling the people behind this mission. In my opinion, A Trap in Paris by Uzi Eilam is one of the best thrillers having a right mix of fantastic storyline, dynamic plot, and perturbing & engaging flow. I will call it one of the best new-age thrillers. Uzi himself has served in Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and has many awards in his kitty during his long, challenging, and successful career. This first-hand experience in various projects and missions has been quite helpful in getting real-life drama in this fictional story.




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