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A True Astrologer, Well-Versed and Certified Pandit at Trimbakeshwar

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Narayan Nagbali Pandit Trimbakeshwar is a prominent astrologer in Trimbakeshwar who performs various poojas for individuals who have dosha in their birth or Vedic calendar. 

The best part is that he is dedicated to his work completely. He does all types of astrology-related issues and tries to solve the problems. He has an incredible potential to destroy Kaal Sarp Dosha, from persons Kundli by easy and highly beneficial remedies for decreasing the effects of Kaal Sarp dosh. His remedies are 100% effective and trusted by all his customers.

He offers high-quality service and we can feel a positive devotee experience. One of the best things about this pandit is he can perform all kinds of pooja with great enthusiasm and he will be bringing all the essential ingredients required for pooja all by himself. 

He is the brand name in the field of astrology as he aims to deliver the best experience to its customers. This astrologer is known for his immense intuitive powers and gives precise predictions. He is an authorized and certified priest, old and experienced, which makes him one of the most sought-after pandits in Trimbakeshwar. He has the potential to oversee all problems and work closely with the people to meet all the expectations. Pandit Narayan Nagbali is multiskilled and performs vidhi with ease and specialist in Navagraha pooja,  Shani-Dasha pooja,  Narayan Nagbali Pooja, Mahamritunjay Jaap pooja, Mangal Dosh Pooja, Kaal Sarp pooja, and so on.

People offer pooja and vidhi in order to overcome the fear of misfortune in their lives and perform courses of pooja by an experienced pandit. 

  • Marriage issues
  • For employment
  • To achieve desired results in life
  • For health-related problems
  • To have a child
  • Pitru dosha

Why Perform the Narayan Nagbali Pooja?

Mainly this Puja is carried out to lessen Pitru Dosh from one start chart. The Narayan Nagbali puja must be carried out by everybody who wants to succeed in business life. This Puja also can be carried out by having financial loss, academic problems, or any marriage-associated issues. People perform pooja in a holy place like Tribakeshwar only and this will take 2 to 3 days to attain perfection.

Importance of Narayan Nagbali Puja?

Everyone in this world is searching for peace. No one lives or moves about in peace. Peace means comfort for the soul. The soul is always restless and tormented by desires. The only way to get peace is through the performance of Narayan Nagbali Puja. Narayan Nagbali Puja is a ritual performed by one and all to seek peace. The word Narayan is a combination of two words – Nar meaning man and Yaan meaning body. A person who performs this puja at regular intervals is blessed with peace and comfort of the soul. It is also performed to get rid of problems in married life, black magic, delay in childbirth, business problems, and all other curses.

At Trimbakeshwar, we have specialists in performing Indian tradition performing shraddha Pind Daan or Petruseva has more significance than spiritual worship. By doing this the blessings of ancestors and all 7 generations of predecessors achieve a long lifeline.

Being a Kaal Sarp pooja expert, Narayan Nagbali pandit has more than 10000+ kaal Sarp Shanti Poojas and has given 100% satisfaction to his customers. He offers free consultation about Kundli.  People can achieve good health and prosperity by performing KaalSarp puja in Trimbakeshwar. Those who are unsuccessful would attain success in life by doing this puja. He has given outstanding results immediately after performing pooja or vidhi under his leadership. 

Rules &Things to do first while doing pooja at Tribakeshwar

The person should take a holy dip in the specified Kushavarta kund and observe fast.

As per the tradition, a 1 gm snake idol made of copper, silver, or any other metal is required to perform a Kaal Sarp Pooja.

Any person belonging to the same family is eligible for pooja excluding women.

Affordability & Cost

Expenses of doing pooja and vidhi, at Trimbakeshwar by a professional pandit depend on    

on a number of Jaaps and Avartis and it can be fulfilled in a group or separately. Trimbakeshwar puja is economical. It is truly based on the belief, and spirituality of the individual, any person can visit and perform a pooja. 

People from across the world visit Trimbakeshwar to meet Narayan Nagbali Pandit for all  Vedic-related poojas, rituals, and havan.  As a result of this, devotees can perform all devoted services in practicing Hindu rituals and help in maintaining their ancient traditions. Panditji is a distinguished personality in Trimbakeshwar for his effectiveness and knowledge. 


Hindus should visit Trimbakeshwar in their life to attain salvation and peacefulness. It's a strong belief that a  person who performs pooja is prone to be free from illness,  achieve positivity and lead a happy life. 


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