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A Valuable Guide on Teaching Jobs and Careers In India

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Teaching is quite flexible and is needed in each and every field. Teaching as a profession is spread in a variety of fields. Each field requires different skills and qualifications. Being a teacher is empowering as each day of your work is unique and you also get to learn about a lot of things from your students on the subject you teach. Every student needs a teacher to get the right guidance and who will be more than happy to solve your queries. There is a huge demand for teachers and apart from that there is a demand for good enthusiastic teachers to mentor and show the right path to students.

Eligibility Criteria

To become a teacher, you will have to get certain required qualifications. There are different courses for different levels of teaching. If you are willing to pursue your teaching career at an early stage in life then, you can pursue a diploma in teacher training. It gives you eligibility to teach -primary students or primary students. Otherwise, You want to pursue a bachelor’s and can wait for some time to become a teacher then you can go for a Bachelor's in Education (B.Ed). You can teach secondary, higher secondary or even primary students. If you want to further increase your qualification then you can do a Masters in Education (M.Ed). You can teach college students and select the subjects you want to specialise in. If you are from Mumbai then there are many teacher training courses in Mumbai. One of the best academies to get a diploma in teacher training if you want to start your career at an early stage in life is ‘National Academy’. They have a diploma course named ‘PPTTC’ which means ‘Pre-Primary Teacher’s Training Course’. The program aims to acquaint trainee teachers to acquire the attitudes, skills, insights & techniques necessary to deal with preschool children. This is a teacher training course in Mumbai which can help you get a job in a preschool or daycare centre and you can immediately start your career in this.


In Mumbai, an average salary of a teacher can be around 3 lakhs per annul and it can go up to a whopping 50 lakhs per annul as well! There are only certain professions where you get a decent amount of salary and one of these professions is Teaching. Many people are now flooding to become a teacher due to this and also thinking of a career change by taking up a teacher training course in Mumbai. PPTC (Pre-Primary Teachers Training Course) is such a training course in Mumbai which provides not only theory or technical knowledge but also focuses on skill development. 

Career Prospects

As said before, there is a great demand for teachers and you have immense opportunities with decent pay at the start. Another greatest perk of becoming a teacher is that you can finish your work and head home mid-afternoon. You can start your career in schools, colleges, daycare and coaching centres.  Students have found rewarding careers and are working in well-known pre-schools and daycare centres as early childhood educators, in management positions and consultants. The placement record over the years has been excellent. Many of our students are successfully running their own preschool & nursery. Nowadays, there are online teaching platforms which you can leverage to teach subjects in which you are specialised in. 




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