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We are in much need of an environment-friendly living and thankfully we are building solutions for it.  Have you heard about green building construction? In simple words, it is an environmentally friendly operation and construction of a structure. There are many good reasons why everyone must turn to this idea.  Mindsets are shifting because realize it or not we all know how important it is to protect our Mother Planet Earth. The real estate industry has taken the first step and the diverse stakeholders are looking to get indulged in this great opportunity. Now green building technologies are being adopted and long-term practices in sustainable and green construction. If you are new to it this is going to be an interesting second journey for you.

What is green building technology and why do we desperately need it?

When we say green building it means a structure that is made with reusable and other materials which makes the building environmentally friendly. And this green technology covers everything from energy-efficient appliances to geothermal heating. We are in desperate need of this technology and we all know why. We, humans, are the biggest threat to the environment. The things we use in our everyday life are producing so much pollution that glaciers are turning into water and we are blindly using our natural resources which are going to end soon.

Opting for green buildings will be a great solution. We will be able to live in that environment and will not be producing harm to the environment. Operations, buildings, and designs will be more environmentally friendly and these buildings are designed to meet certain goals like

Better indoor air quality

Reduced  use of water, energy, and other resources which are on the verge of depletion

Protecting occupant health

Lower carbon footprint

Improving employee productivity

If every human on earth will go for this initiative it will get much easier to achieve these goals.  It is beneficial for every living being that exists on the planet.

Different types of technologies

Today in 2022 we are having impressive technologies and some wonderful ideas that can help us protect our planet. These technologies and ideas can help us cut down energy consumption. Here are some concepts that are worth considering as well as interesting to know about.


The majority of people are aware of HVAC which is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.  Half of the building demand for energy is devoted to HVAC. This is why it has gained attention and a goal to improve it. Today every modern construction is using HVAC; in fact, it is becoming an important function of modern homes and buildings. HVAC is convenient as well as a silent way to keep the buildings cool. The main goal to implement HVAC is to reduce the consumption of energy.

Cool roofs

The roof is an integral part of the building and a damaged roof is something challenging to live under.  If there is a damaged roof there is going to be improper insulation. In winter it escapes the heat and more energy is utilized from electricity. Today we have cool roof technology that is made with sustainable materials and its aim is to reflect the sunlight and heat away. It assists in keeping a standard room temperature. The typical design includes the use of reflective paints and special tiles which absorb less heat and also reproduce most of the solar radiation away. It can reduce to fifty degrees Celsius in the summer.  

Low emitting materials

When we use low emitting materials in building constructions it helps in improving the inhabitant's health as well as protecting the entire environment. It also helps in getting green building credits and green construction certification like IGBC, LEED, and GRIHA which is integral in the construction world. There is a wide range of building products in the category of low emitting materials such as walls, ceilings, interior sealants and adhesives, composite wood, flooring, etc. using these elements in the construction will improve indoor quality and can be used around people who are environmentally sensitive. Green Building Initiative can help you learn more about green building initiatives, global certifications, and compliance. Need help? Contact them.


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