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As we get older, our golf swings naturally slow down. Training and practice can help slow the progression, but at a certain point, it is inevitable.

As you age, your golf swing will slow. So, knowing that, and knowing there’s only so much you can do about it, you might be wondering what golf shafts for seniors are and if they make a difference.

They do. Here’s what you need to know.

How Fast Is a “Senior Swing?”
This all ultimately comes down to swing speed and tempo. Older players tend to have slower swing speeds and slower or more metered tempos than younger players.

Naturally, swing speed varies according to a player’s individual abilities. However, for an average range, we can expect to see seniors (those older than 70, for example) with swing speeds averaging between 70 and 85 MPH.

Perhaps some exceptionally strong and athletic seniors can swing the club around 90 MPH, or just a bit faster, but for average purposes, these figures will work.

At this range, the slower swing speed limits the clubhead speed, which itself is then a limit on range.

This is why golf shafts for seniors can make a difference.

Why This Makes Golf Shafts for Seniors Important
Because senior golfers generally have slower swing speeds than younger players, they can benefit from the use of so-called golf shafts for seniors.

Golf shafts for seniors, also known as senior golf shafts, are a general class of shafts that are specially designed for players with slower swing speeds.

The one trait that really defines senior swing golf shafts is flexibility. As a general observation, a higher flex rating is associated with senior golf shafts, although there is no industry standard for “senior flex.”

Senior golf shafts also tend to have lower kick points and higher torque ratings (but not always). They are usually also more forgiving, generally.

Higher flex shafts with lower kick points tend to produce higher launch angles, which, when club head speed is lower, can help extend shot range.

Also, more flexible shafts that are more forgiving also tend to offer higher club head speeds by loading with energy effectively and delivering better energy transfer than stiffer shafts, at least at lower swing speeds.

Are Graphite Shafts Better for Seniors?
In a word, yes, graphite golf shafts are better for senior golfers because graphite shafts can be manufactured with a wider range of flex ratings. They can also be made much more forgiving than alternatives.

That said, effectively all shafts on the market today are made from graphite, anyway.

What Are Some of the Best Golf Shafts for Seniors in 2023?
Some of the best golf shafts for senior players are:

● Aldila NXT NV Senior Driver Shafts

● MCA TENSEI AV Raw Senior Shafts

● Project X Cypher

● Grafalloy ProLaunch Senior

● Fujikura Atmos 5A Red

● Project X PXV Senior Shafts

This is not a complete list; there are many other golf shafts for seniors that are well-recognized for quality and performance.

Where Can You Get Golf Shafts for Seniors?
Interested in learning more about your options in golf shafts for seniors? Visit Dallas Golf Company online at DallasGolf.com to learn more about the different types of senior golf shafts in the industry, and how they may be able to make a positive impact on your performance.

Also, feel free to reach out to them directly at 800-955-9550 for more information. Their staff is helpful, friendly, and well-informed.

For more information about Callaway Driver Shafts and Fujikura Ventus Please visit: Dallas Golf Company Inc.


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