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The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 (hereinafter referred to as Aventador) was first launched worldwide at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show ‘which was held as Lamborghini's new flagship model. The successor model of Murciella, named after the bravest bull in Spanish bullfighting history.

The popularity of Aventador is extraordinary as a supercar worth Rp. 8.7 billion. Immediately after launch, 18 month contracts were completed worldwide, and more than 1,000 units were sold within 15 months of launch. This is about twice as fast as the previous Murciella. The domestic sales contract has been completed.

About 3 to 4 Aventadors are made per day. Body assembly, interior, machinery and painting are all completed by skilled workers. It only takes about 12 hours to build one machine. In addition, it is not easy to paint carbon fiber by hand, so you can finish painting 3 units a day. All Aventadors are made more demanding because they are tailor-made according to consumer tastes.

The Aventador has always been Lamborghini's extreme and uncompromising flagship model, and possessed a charisma that surpassed all competing models simply by its presence at the time. That charisma radiates more and more on the highway, and even in Italy, where the test drive was conducted, has caught a lot of attention from those around it.

Aventador really attracts many people, both in terms of performance and in the features it offers. Not only good performance and complete features on the Lamborghini Aventandor car. But also the interior and exterior design. The exterior design is such that no cool car can match it anymore. At the same time, beauty and intensity come like waves which make people interested to see it and want to know more about this Lamborghini Aventandor car.

If you really look at the Aventador, you can see that it is no small car. On the contrary, it looked enormous. In terms of length, it is similar to the Hyundai Sonata. This is enough space for a two-seater sports car. Also, unlike its angular appearance, it has good volume. In particular, the back is smooth and quite full.

Vehicle rigidity is one of the problems that arise when supercars are repeatedly on a date. Most of the vehicles are compared with each other by the vehicle torsional stiffness (expressed in Nm / degree) ‘. The torsional stiffness of the Aventador is 35,000 Nm / degree. Considering that his previous job, Murciellago, was 20,000 Nm / degree due to weight reduction, this is a better jump forward.

Lamborghini Aventador Exterior

The Aventador is much closer to the Leventon than the previous Murciellago insofar as it is said to be a mass-produced Leventon model. The Reventon design is refined and is the latest trend. However, the realism of the two models is the same.

All Aventador designs are made with aerodynamics. The aggressive design of the front bumper, the large air intakes, the side rocker panels, the arches at the front and the roof of the vehicle, the exterior mirror appearance, the smooth body lines and the rear of the vehicle all have an advantage in airflow. It is designed both aesthetically and functionally so that even the smallest parts are considered in detail.

The most impressive thing in the room of the Aventador car is the digital dashboard. I can't believe this is the real world. It's like appearing in the ‘Cyber Formula' animation. The dashboard is equipped with a G-Force solution from NVIDIA, a leading manufacturer of computer graphics cards. Navigation graphics are also produced by Nvidia and Lamborghini.

A large tachometer is also located in the center of the dashboard, and a small digital speedometer, gear level and driving mode are also on it. The digital needle moves very swiftly, as if looking at an analog needle. Other graphics are also very detailed and sharp. Take a look at the digital dashboards of several brands.

In addition, if there is a place that makes a forward jump in the room, it is the central fascia. The Audi influence may be huge, but it is more colorful and comfortable to operate than other Audi vehicles. It also creates a gap that vehicles from the Murciélago, Leventon, or its flagship competitor Ferrari don't have.


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