The idea and the team at work!

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

-Albert Einstein

How we Started

Bloggers are the building blocks of the online info-verse we live in. Around the planet fresh content is being created every second. Statistically speaking, on WordPress alone, 2.75 million posts are published every single day! As internet is maturing, this posting behavior is showing a demand for a more well-structured organization, so that the information can reach where its demand resides. Community plays a huge role in this information transfer. In 2009, WriteUpcafe was created to provide a space for the content creators to organize and interact with each other, and in turn make their blogs visible to maximum and appropriate readers.

Our Mission

To provide a flawless experience to our users, right from submitting their blogs to ensuring improved visibility. We constantly upgrade our systems with the newest codes and designs, so that the platform is smooth, fast and usable by users from all spectrums of life.

Our Solutions


Carefully crafted, in-depth tutorials on new-age and traditional concepts.


Step-by-step how-to guides on SEO, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Blog Traffic.

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Highly-quality carefully-designed content for brands who provide real value to our users.


A vibrant community of writers and content-creators with more than 1,00,000 members.

Our Team

Binoy Karan

Binoy Karan

Founder of, Binoy spearheads the ideas and leads the technical team. Driven by his deep passion for blogging and supported by a decade of programming experience, Binoy is constantly researching and upgrading the platform to provide a fail-proof user-friendly system. If you have queries related to website, find him at

Sukanya Banerjee Karan

With friction-free, fast and accessible User Experience as the primary goal, Sukanya drives the design ideas for WriteUpCafe. Functional, minimalist design over frills – the mantra we follow here. For queries and issues, reach out to

..And a super talented team of content writers and editors with a wide range of domain experience.


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