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With the rising demand for eCommerce products, the need for strong and durable packaging boxes has risen. Strong packaging offers protection and safety during both storage and transportation. The materials used in packaging, be it paper or corrugated board, need to be tested beforehand to provide maximum safety and preservation of the products. The most common packaging tests evaluate abrasion, compression, and tensile strength, without which manufacturers cannot pass the package. Let us read about these properties below.


The box compression test is used to evaluate the compression resistance of the box when subjected to external compressive loads during transportation and stacking. This test is performed via a compression testing machine. In this machine, a box is gradually compressed between two parallel plates until it bulges, distorts, or damages. 

Source compression testers from leading box compression tester manufacturers like UEC, to get accurate results. UEC’s box compression tester evaluates both corrugated and non-corrugated boxes. It comes with a digital display too that shows the compression load and deformation of the specimen. 

 Drop Strength

The drop strength test determines the ability of the box to resist falls or drops during shipping and handling. In this test, the corrugated or non-corrugated box is dropped in different ways, i.e. on corners, edges as well as faces, and from a specific height. The drop height is being set in the unit and the test is performed using the motorized facility. 

As a result, the evaluator is able to know about the weaknesses of the box that need to be addressed beforehand. This test assures that the package box will take apt care of the product inside and won’t let it get damaged during transportation and handling. 

UEC’s drop testing machine is


Abrasion refers to the scraping or wearing out of a surface due to exerted strike, scratch, or other forces. An abrasion testing machine is used to determine how scratch resistant the paper or paperboard is. UEC abrasion tester determines the wear and tear of not only the paper but also rubber, textiles, plastics, ceramics, flooring, painted and electroplated, and lacquered surfaces. This tester is motorized and comes with a single and double independent abraser unit, a vacuum dust extractor, and a digital cycle counter.  

End Note

While sourcing the paper testing instruments, manufacturers must make sure the machines cater to their exact requirements and offer accurate results. UEC is a trustworthy name among the manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of these machines. Get in touch to inquire about our high-performance paper, pulp, and packaging testing equipment.



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