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What drives you to search for Air Conditioning near me? Did you know AC maintenance can be done without the help of a technician? However, in many cases, it is necessary to have the diagnosis by a professionalSo if you are looking for a thorough professional, contact Rodex Air for AC maintenance in Orlando.

Why ask for AC Replacement services

AC Replacement technician has the experience and the indicated tools to carry out your equipment's work. Therefore, if you wish to keep your AC well maintained and in good condition, our expert technician gives us the following advice:

  • Check the status of the filters.

The condition of the indoor unit filters is essential since they absorb the dust of the place. Should the air filter become dusty, the airflow will decrease, and the cooling capacity will be limited.

The purifying and deodorizing filter must be cleaned monthly and replaced every 3 to 6 months depending on the case, as it could stop working if it is used for a longer period. It will be enough to use neutral soap and plenty of water to clean them. Before putting them back in the equipment, let them dry.

  • Check outdoor unit

The outdoor unit of air conditioning equipment does not usually have a filter. So it generates a lot of humidity in summer and tends to store dust and germs, bacteria, and viruses, which can give off bad odors and cause respiratory problems in the most serious cases. But, if you think you can't handle the emergency failure, call us for AC replacement services

  • Examine the indoor unit

When the air conditioner is used in cold mode, an evaporation process originates in the indoor unit, and this leads to the appearance of a few drops of water. If these residues are not cleaned periodically, they can produce bad odors or stagnation of dirty water that, if not removed, can cause deterioration and failure.

For this reason, in addition to taking care of the filters and the exchange battery, it is important to remove the liquid and keep the tray where the water from the condensation is deposited clean and disinfected and the entire drainage installation.

  • Check for leaks

For the proper functioning of the outdoor unit, it must be cleaned regularly. The dust and dirt that lodges in it reduce the performance of the internal devices and increases electricity consumption, as well as being a source of infections and, on the other hand, a cause of breakdowns.

You must examine the device's exterior to verify that there are no leaks of refrigerant gases, which are polluting the environment. In the same way, it is necessary to check if there are obstructions in the air passage and clean the dust from the grille with a wide brush.

  • Evaluate refrigerant gas pressure

Checking the level of the refrigerant gas in these devices is essential to detect possible leaks; precise maintenance will extend the useful life of the equipment.

 When the refrigerant gas level is low, it will be blocked, and you will have no external gauges of the levels, so you will need to enlist the help of a professional to make the corresponding adjustments to check for leaks.

The quickest way of inspection is to observe the copper tubes that connect one module to another. If the thinnest one corresponding to the high-pressure one is frozen, the repair will require the help of a specialized technician. Call Rodex Air for efficient AC maintenance, Orlando



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