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Access Control Systems and How They Work

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Owners of businesses need to know who comes in and out of the building. This kind of knowledge is important for reasons including security and safety. The problem, however, is that tracking every single person who enters and exits the building would be difficult, and hiring a security company to monitor the building can be expensive. HID Signo Readers

This is what the Access Control System is made for; it allows you to monitor the times when people enter and exit the premises. They can also keep unwanted people out, while letting authorized people in with no problems. These are more or less the automated gatekeepers of the building, and you will learn more about these systems by learning how they work.

The Systems' Mechanisms

Access Control Systems are made up of three important mechanisms: a controller, the locks and the access device. The first mechanism, the controller itself, is a multi-level device with a computer that controls the entire system. It is in the computer that you are able to do things like control access, create new accounts and review logs of entry and exit. Depending on the kind of options you want for your controller; more detailed and flexible controllers will cost more money. HID Signo Access Control Readers

The second mechanism, which are the locks, are what allows and denies people access from the building. They are activated and deactivated with a simple command by the central control system, which is the computer in the controller. There are two kinds of locks available: magnetic and electric. Electric locks are the more cost-efficient choice, but magnetic locks are more favored for their ease of installation, power usage and overall performance.

The third mechanism, the access device, is the most important part of the Access Control System. The access device is what determines the type of security for the area, allowing a number of security options. Each of these security options can be used depending on the type of business you are doing and how secure certain parts of the premises should be. Among the different security options available are the simple pass code entry and magnetic card system, as well as the more complex biometric fingerprint scanner, which are highly preferred by many for its combination of absolute security and ease of access; with a fingerprint scanner, you cannot get in unless the computer knows you. HID Signo Biometric Reader

Final Words and Thoughts

Security is important in today's world. You will want to ensure the safety of everyone working in your building. Businesses of all kinds today value its importance, and as such, employ the use of these Access Control Systems, as they are the most useful pieces of security technology. They need to know who is in the building at all times; making sure that only those who are allowed to go in can enter it. This is made possible thanks to these new wonders of technology.

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