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Going by the California state laws, it is now easier to build an attached, semi-detached or detached dwelling unit adjacent to your existing property, than ever. Thanks to the change in laws, rules & guidelines. This is the reason why so many homes in the big cities are opting for an ADU conversion. Now homeowners are at a distinct advantage after the passing of the new law with the clause number AB 2299 and SB 1069, which makes it easier to build or construct a second unit that can be used as a rental property. But it cannot be sold out separately. Keep that in mind! You can rather use it to accommodate your elderly parents, grandparents, adolescent kids, or simply rent it out to earn additional income. In fact, many homeowners in Redwood City, CA, are NOT aware that the new laws have made it easier to add a ‘legal’ accessory dwelling unit or a Granny Flat to a single-family home. They must read this post. This can provide a better understanding of what an ADU is, and what the state laws means for a homeowner.

What’s an ADU

It’s a separate residential dwelling unit, erected within the premise of an existing house or property, either in an attached or detached form. Else, it can be constructed as an additional floor, above the present house or building. The purpose of an ADU or a ‘Mother-in-Law suite’ is to create, carve out or reclaim extra living space for a small house that has a large or a growing family. For them, space is an essential aspect. But, due to budgetary constraints, they are unable to buy a new and bigger house. So, it is an ADU that somewhat solves the problem of space. Even though it costs huge, it is much less, when compared to buying a new house. Today, there are homes that are going for ADU conversion in Redwood City, CA, for getting access to that extra living space.

The New Law

If you’re considering building an ADU on your property, you would certainly require to perform a thorough research on your local ordinances. The local authorities may apply development standards and make findings to decide where a new ADU construction can be allowed or permitted. Such permissions by local authorities are primarily based upon the health and safety issues, concerning a family or a specific neighborhood. Falsely restricting a homeowner to construct an ADU or to convert a garage into a Granny Flat may be subject to legal scrutiny. This is to your advantage.

Why an ADU?

Simply, to get more dwelling space and functional area for moving around freely, within an existing property. In fact, all space-crunched residences feel the need for additional living rooms and areas where they can accommodate their new family members, guests or tenants.

ADU Restrictions

If you’re thinking of an ADU construction in Redwood City, CA, know about these legal restrictions.

  • No ADUs can be constructed between the front of your house and the main street.
  • ADUs are permitted in only those zones that are within an existing single-family residence.
  • ADUs can be built or restricted to ‘one per lot/plot’.
  • ADU’s can be built in the size of 50% of the main or existing residence. An ADU cannot be bigger than 1200 sq. ft.

So, if you're ready with your plan of building a Granny Flat on your property, go through these rules, laws & guidelines so that you may not fall in any sort of troubles or face any major hurdle or bottlenecks. This information can be useful for you.


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