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Acoustic Wave Sensors Market is Predicted to Reach USD 1750 Billion By 2032

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According to Custom Market Insights (CMI), the global acoustic wave sensor market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16% during the forecast period from the year 2022 to 2030. The market will grow from USD 707 billion in the year 2022 to USD 1750 billion by the year 2030.

According to an industry study, the growth of the market for acoustic wave sensors in end-use sectors including the automotive & healthcare industries is being fueled by shifting market trends, which are anticipated to support both industry and market growth throughout the projected period.

Acoustic Wave Sensors Market: Overview

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) known as acoustic wave sensors use mechanical acoustic waves to transmit signals that may detect changes in frequency, amplitude, as well as wave phase in relation to a reference in the environment. Acoustic wave sensor devices are highly sought-after sensor technology in a variety of end-use domains because they are inherently dependable, inherently tough, extraordinarily sensitive, and competitively priced. Furthermore, to increase interoperability with new and next-generation applications, these devices’ updated versions can be continued as well as wirelessly questioned without the requirement for a sensor power supply.

Market dynamics


With qualities like passive operation, a fast turnaround time, and wireless nature, acoustic wave sensors outperform conventional sensors in a competitive environment. Surface acoustic wave-based temperature sensors provide a wide range of sensing temperatures, a higher reaction rate, accuracy, and low cost. This is a major driver fueling the expansion of the world market for acoustic wave sensors. Other factors anticipated to spur market growth throughout the projection period are acoustic wave sensors’ higher sensitivity, higher level of stability, compact structure, exceptionally tiny size, and low price. However, when they come into contact with a liquid, compressional waves may result in severe surface attenuation, making them feeble.

On the other hand, expanding traffic management challenges need the inclusion of an audio warning system in new hybrid and electric vehicles. During the anticipated time frame, this is anticipated to develop rapidly. Furthermore, the market for acoustic wave sensors is projected to develop rapidly due to the widespread use of smartphones as well as base stations. The main market for acoustic wave sensors is the telecommunications sector.

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The market share of acoustic wave sensors is projected to be hampered by significant limitations such as energy consumption and sensitivity that results in technical issues. It is also projected that the use of alternative sensors in place of saw-based sensors in conventional applications will provide a challenge to the expansion of the market share for acoustic wave sensors. On the other hand, there is a need for sensors with a longer lifespan or no maintenance when it comes to harsh circumstances, which could be caused by radiation or heat. However, because severe temperatures are not required for the operation of these sensors, the penetration of acoustic wave sensors will be constrained in the upcoming years.


To ensure safety in the automotive industry constant research and development in The field will lead to the growth of the market during the forecast. In recent years the automotive industry has become extremely efficient and sophisticated. The use of sensors will continue to grow in the coming years as this industry focuses on reducing the accidents that are caused due to different reasons and they are also focusing on reducing the impact which is felt by the passengers or even the vehicle. The use of acoustic wave sensors has increased as it helps in avoiding all of these conditions. Increasing awareness regarding the safety and the use of the sensors has made the governments of various regions take necessary steps in order to ensure the safety of the passengers and the vehicle.


When it comes to extreme conditions which could be due to radiation or due to heat the demand for sensors that have no need of maintenance or that have a longer life is needed. But the penetration of the acoustic wave sensors will be limited in the coming years as extreme temperatures are not available for the working of these sensors.

Segmental Overview

The surface acoustic wave segment will have a larger market share in the coming years. As they help in understanding the changes in the frequency their market is expected to grow well in the coming year. The helps in understanding the changes in the torque, pressure as well as temperature. The changes in any of these features or sensed by the sensors due to the availability of the molecules on substrate coating. Any alterations of the concentration in any particular chemical or sensed by the SAW sensors.

The resonator segment will dominate the market in the coming years. This segment had the largest market share in the past in terms of revenue and it will continue to grow well in the coming years. Vibrations of the piezoelectric materials are used by the resonators which help in sending the acoustic waves to the circuit with high frequency.

When it comes to the sensing parameter the use of the sensors is expected to be more for understanding the changes in the temperature. The segment will have the largest market share in terms of revenue and it will continue to grow well in the coming years. Apart from sensing the temperature these sensors also help in sensing many other parameters like humidity and pressure.

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Regional Snapshots

Due to safety-related mandates for the automotive industry, North America and Europe are predicted to experience significant growth during the projected period. Over the next seven years, the Asia-Pacific is expected to be a major regional market for acoustic wave sensors because of the presence of developing nations like China, India, and Japan as well as the growth of several industrial enterprises there. Due to the sensors’ expanding use in industries like aerospace, automotive, healthcare, the industrial sector, and consumer electronics, Europe may experience a boom in demand.

Key Market Players in the Acoustic Wave Sensors Market

  • Vectron International
  • Qualtre Inc.
  • SENseOR
  • Sensor Technology Ltd.
  • Nanotemper
  • Transense Technologies plc
  • DJB Instruments
  • Defiant Technologies
  • Pro-micron GmbH & co. KG
  • Heinz Meßwiderstände GmbH
  • Hawk Measurment Systems
  • Siemens AG

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