What Is Sling TV 

activate Sling TV

Sling TV is a cheaper alternative to cable TV without any long term commitments and the best part is it takes less than 5 minutes to activate Sling TV.

As the same time it offers a variety of live and local channels ranging from movies to entertainment, sports, lifestyle and everything else in between.

With a Sling TV subscription, you have premium content at your fingertips for a relatively low cost with none of the usual hassle that comes with cableTV.

Sling TV supports quite a number of devices including Roku and Fire Stick. 

Sling TV has a number of membership packages, some with free TV channels, depending on where you are geographically.

You could get channels like ABC News Live for free. If you are tired of regular cable and dream of switching to something that gives you more freedom and costs less,  then Sling TV is ideal for you.

Transitioning from regular cable to Sling TV is pretty straight forward, there’s no need for any form of advanced technology or expertise.

Simply activating Sling TV on your chosen device will do the trick. Here’s all you need to know to activate Sling TV.

How To Activate Sling TV 

activate Sling TV

Activating Sling TV is pretty easy once you know what to do, it takes only about 5-10 minutes to activate Sling TV on your computer, tablet or any device of your choice.

The first step to activate Sling TV is to go to one of the many connecting websites, register with your email address and create a password.

When you are done, you will be prompted to choose a video provider, pick Sling TV and log in using your newly created account details.

Your email and password will serve as authentication to access Sling TV related apps, channels,and websites.

Upon subscription you gain access to basic Sling TV which depending on your location comes with many free channels and streaming apps.

You’ll get instant access to FXNow, FOX NOW, SyFy, Bravo, Nat Geo, and many more. At this point you have the option to upgrade to other bundles that are better suited to your needs or budget and offer much more variety.

The pricing will depend on your location and the channels you want..

Websites For Activating Sling TV 

There are websites that serve as intermediaries when you want to activate Sling TV, you have to pass through them to get to the content you want to watch.

These websites are the gateway to your video provider which is none other than Sling TV. Once Sling TV is activated, you can stream, download, watch on demand or do as you please.

Here is a list of some of the available websites and apps that support  Sling TV activation:

How To Activate Sling TV For Roku Using Sling.Com/Activate? 

On Roku you activate Sling TV through the link sling.com/activate. These are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: On the Roku home screen, go to the ‘’search’’ option that is on the left side of the screen, type in  ‘Sling TV' and launch the search.
  • Step2: It will open up to the channel and ask you to ‘’add channel’’, when you do, it will install onto your device. When the installation process is done, open it. 
  • Step 3: A 7-digit activation code will show up on your TV screen, go to sling.com/connect on your computer and fill in the activation code in the required field to sign into your Sling TV account.
  • Step 4: Click on ‘’Continue’’ and Sling TV channels will be automatically added to your Roku device.

How To Activate Sling TV For Fire Stick? 

Sling TV also supports Amazon Fire devices, like the Fire TV Stick, Fire Tablet, Fire TV Cube or a Smart Fire TV.

This is very convenient when you are on the move, you can watch TV while traveling or anywhere you like.

To activate Sling TV on  Fire Stick so that you can conveniently access your favorite TV programs and shows on the go, follow this guide:

Start by going to your Fire stick home page and selecting Sling TV.

When you click on it the application will open to the information page of the app and you will be prompted to download and then install the app.

Once the installation process is complete, you have Sling activate and can now fully access  your TV channels by subscribing to a package.

Sling TV Packages 

Sling TV Channels

Sling TV offers 3 main packages aside from the basic option you get upon subscription. They are : Sling Orange, Sling Blue,and Sling Orange + Sling Blue packages.

Sling Orange: It costs $30 per month and gives you access to 32 channels including CNN, ESPN, AMC, TBS, Disney Channel, TNT and Food Network. But it allows you to stream only on a single device at a time. 

Sling Blue: It also costs $30 monthly, gives you 47 channels including USA, FOX, NBC, FX, Viceland and many more. It allows you to stream on up to 3 devices at the same time.

Sling Orange + Sling Blue: At $45 per month, you get 53 channels which are a combination of both packages with channels like Comedy Central, NFL Network, IFC, History, etc. You can also watch on multiple screens simultaneously.

How To Cancel Sling TV?  

Unlike regular cable with yearly contracts and penalties, Sling TV is a month-to-month subscription service that can be canceled at any time without any problems. If you are unsatisfied with the service at any given moment, you can cancel your membership with just a few clicks. 

To cancel your subscription go to your account page and click on the ‘’Cancel Subscription’’ option. You’ll be asked for the reason why you want to leave, once you say why, you can confirm your cancellation. Billing stops immediately and you are free from any obligation.

Final Thoughts

activate Sling TV

There’s no doubt that cableTV is slowly fading away, with cheaper and flexible options like Sling TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney plus, and so many others, no one wants to spend money on heavy cable subscriptions any more.

Why would anyone want cable lines passing through your house to your TV when you can easily stream your TV channels through the internet? 

Aside from being super convenient and way cheaper, streaming services like Sling TV come with huge advantages.

The first being the freedom to watch TV on any device and from anywhere. Be it a TV, tablet, computer, laptop, or smartphone.

You can also download your favorite content and control what you and your family watch. All at a fraction of the usual cost, in addition, Sling TV offers a seven-day free trial on sling.com/ activate you can test to see if it’s for you. TV has never been better.


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