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Robotics is an area in which young learners are becoming increasingly interested. And you cannot blame them. Robots have always been part of young minds’ imagination, from watching them in cartoons and movies to experiencing them first-hand in this fast-paced technological world. 


It is rapidly becoming an in-demand subject in educational institutions that use advanced curricula and offer custom enrichment programs for preschool and primary school. The subject is an efficient way to introduce learners to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).


While you have the option to enroll your kid in preschool/primary school with a focus on science subjects such as robotics, you may also start by giving your kids basic robotics kits and robotics-themed toys. Exciting them about the wonderful world of robotics also means helping them discover their interests and talents in science and technology. And most importantly, you empower them to discover the fun and joy of learning in a practical manner. 


There are many types of robotics kits available in the market. They come in different sizes, shapes, applications, and learning levels. Understand that even the basic kits may be quite expensive, however. Good thing there are many activities that you can introduce to your kids to help them gain the basic idea of robotics before actually buying them pricey kits or enrolling them in special programs.


Here are some activities that can help you introduce robotics to your child.


Robot designing. Many user-friendly websites and apps are designed to provide a fun and easy way for children to design their own robots. You can use these resources to empower your child to create their robot, its name, features, purpose, and environment. Printables are available on some websites, so take the opportunity to make prints and cut-outs for better visualization. This activity works well when you encourage your child to practice storytelling and voice their creative ideas through their robot. 


Gadget designing. Some websites and apps allow users to design their gadgets. These can also be an excellent platform for your child to practice their problem-solving skills and creativity. They can start with basic gadgets that provide assistance in home chores or solve common daily problems. Such activity may be far from the real deal, such as those that involve experiments and inventions in a laboratory. It, however, serves as their first step to using their minds to design something useful – which is at the very core of robotics.


Watching videos. One of the best ways to excite your child about robotics is by exposing them to educational videos that center on robots and how they are built. From TED videos to instructional vlogs, many child-friendly videos online can help you build the foundations from which your child will become more and more interested in this exciting field of science.


There are preschools and primary schools that include robotics in their enrichment programs. Consider enrolling your kid in an accredited one, so they get the best robotics education that suits their learning level.



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