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Adana: a perfect blend of nature, history, culture and gastronomy

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The two sons of Uranus, the tyrant Adanus and Sarus, lost the war with the people of Talus and together they founded the city of Adana. When Adanus took the name Adana, the Seyhan River was taken from Sarus. There are many other similar stories that tell of the reception of Hittites, Assyrians, Romans, Arabs and Ottomans by the name of Adana. What is certain, however, is that a very ancient residence dating back to 3000 BC hosted many civilizations here.

With its long history, Adana is one of the must see cities in Turkey.

It is located in central south-central Anatolia, 35 km inland from the Mediterranean Sea on the Seyhan River. The ZamantRiver, which joins Adana 80 kilometers north, forms the Seyhan River, which runs through the city and changes its color with its blue-green hue. It offers a feast for the eyes, especially for those who are engaged in the art of photography.

There are many other historical sites in the city, such as the Takprü, the Great Mosque and the Great Clock Tower (BüyükSaat). In addition, the city offers visitors a wide range of flavors of cuisine.

How to get to Adana?

You can travel to Adana by land and air, and there are many flights to akirpaa airport, including international flights. The airport is located 5 km from the city center and can be easily reached by bus, minibus or cab.

Fly to the city in early spring and arrive along the way to the warm sunshine and welcome of palm trees. Enjoy a traditional Turkish breakfast or start with cier (liver) like the locals do. Another option is fresh Adanabrei, cheese crisp.

Where to go?

After breakfast, visit the historical buildings of the center. Stop at Takprü, the oldest bridge in the world, and the area of Seyhan and Yüreir, separated by the Seyhan River. There are many stories about the history of this bridge, which is the symbol of Adana. It is said that the Hittite king Anuwanda said during his war with Adania: “I fought against a city called Adania. A river flowed in front of it and bridges were built over this river.”

As you cross this bridge over the Seyhan River, which divides the city in two, you will feel the historical mystery of the city. The magnificent Sabanc Central Mosque is located directly across the street from Takprü. Opened in 1998, this mosque surrounds the Seyhan River.

Next, visit the Great Bell Tower of Adana, which was built in 1881 by Governor Ziya Pasha in Seyhan district. The Grand Mosque is another must see historical attraction. This mosque was built by Halil Bey in 1507 during the time of Brazlik ofRamazanolu, Tuzla Khan, which is part of a complex of Islamic, mausoleum and foundation palaces.

The Seyhan district also attracts visitors to St. Paul's Church (a Roman Catholic church built in the 1880s). At the top of this historical monument is a 2.5 meter long bronze statue of the Virgin Mary. Many of the city's historical buildings have such a rich history, all of them located in the Seyhan district. Also, don't forget to visit Ya Mosque, Ethnographic Museum, Archaeological Museum, Kazanclar Market, Anavarza Old Town, Varda Bridge and Adana Castle.

To escape the city crowds, visit Seyhan Dam Lake and take a break at the cafes and restaurants in the surrounding area. The historical buildings are easy to reach as most of them are located in the city center, but if you want to get away from the city center, you can rent a car.

What to eat

Adana offers a wide variety of delicious dishes. The city's eponymous kebabs (Adana kebabs), liver, locals' breakfast, street food such as karsambay, skma and tarsus; and traditional dishes (such as sildan, krkkat and bumbar) offer different tastes for visitors. Although the first thing that comes to mind is Adana kebab, the city has other delicacies, such as sildan. It may look strange, but give it a try. Another delicious delicacy is Bumbar, also known as Mumbar stuffing. This unique snack is made by filling a rice mixture with large intestines and cooking it. All of these specialties can be found at faris lokantası restaurant, and although the store is not flamboyantly decorated, the food is so good that I still miss the taste of the food from time to time after returning home. Locals also like bici bici, a dessert usually eaten in summer. Its main ingredients are crushed ice, cooked starch, powdered sugar and fruit juice milk jelly. Vendors even serve bici bici in the winter.


For the third time since 2017, the Adana Delight Festival will take place in October to spread the delicious delicacies of the city's culinary culture. Another festival not to be missed is the International Orange Blossom Carnival, an annual street event in April that is the perfect time to visit Adana thanks to the brightly colored images and overwhelming aroma of orange blossoms.



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