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With the arrival of new technologies, it was possible to train remotely, through the Internet, and to Online Tutoring. There are many who opt for this possibility to complete their CV, but if we are considering studying online, it is better that we weigh the advantages and disadvantages, look in the mirror and decide if we will be able to take advantage of this type of training.

And since we're here to help, we've identified four advantages and four disadvantages to think about. Now the final decision is up to you alone.

Studying online: advantages and disadvantages

Flexible hours: This is undoubtedly the main advantage, for which most people sympathize with online study. However, it assumes that you can combine your studies with other occupations, a job for example, and that you know how to choose when you can start studying. Be it in the morning, afternoon or night.

Pace : another advantage. Studying online remotely with your computer, as for face-to-face study, always requires deadlines, final exams, but you organize the path to get there. Manage the time and pace of study, no one has to impose it on you.

Comfort of staying at home : it is not the same thing as being in a school and staying at home, this is known. At home you can make yourself comfortable, choose a suitable room to study, go to the refrigerator when you want, coordinate if possible with other jobs…

Transportation savings : Studying online also saves you on travel and this is not just about time, but also money, whether it's public transport or your car.

Discipline : let's start with the disadvantages . The first of these is discipline or self-discipline. It is that many times you lack the willpower to stay at home and start studying after spending all day working. Maybe you want to go to sleep or sit on the sofa and watch TV with your family or someone else. Studying online requires discipline, and someone needs to take courses in person to be obliged, otherwise they don't at home.

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Help with questions: when you study online you will lack a professor to ask the doubts that arise at the moment. And, even before that, reading on a screen or watching a video is not the same as having a teacher explain and write on the board, or ask pupils questions.

Classroom culture: it is obvious that if you study from home you will not experience the environment that is created in the classroom with your classmates, being in the classroom, moments of leisure, interactions, friendships that are formed. Ultimately, the camaraderie.

Lack of concentration: before we mentioned the advantages of staying at home and the comfort that this entails. But beware, it's a double-edged sword. If you are unable to create an adequate study environment, it can happen that you do not concentrate and become distracted, starting to do something else. In the end, hours and hours go by without making progress.

Studying online with a qualified partner

There are also private services that allow you to train online and also offer tutoring services to help students who do not have the direct support of teachers in the classroom; for example, by choosing the Online Tutoring in Malton will be possible to follow university lessons remotely, at any time and wherever you are, in an absolutely flexible way.

At the same time, the service allows you to take advantage of the assistance and guidance of expert and qualified tutors in the Study Center of your city, to guarantee a complete preparation.


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