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Between work, transport, homework, weekends at 1000 miles an hour, doctor's appointments, and all the little hassles of everyday life, a nanny's search for and employment can quickly turn into a corner nightmare for many families.

If you can't “fit” anything more into your schedule, you've come to the right place. Find out how to decrease your mental load by asking for the help of a company for the care of your children!

You save time for recruiting

Recruiting a nanny is no secret; it takes a long time. Finding candidates, using your network, posting announcements, pre-selecting people is already a big job. Then, you will still have to make appointments with each of the nanny candidates and meet them a first time, then very often a second time. You will then have to negotiate the contract, validate the schedules and the administrative aspects.

It is, therefore, necessary to count several hours of work over two or three weeks before finding the rare pearl!

By going through an agency, you do not have to do anything. The company or association will send you a candidate for whom all contractual, administrative and practical aspects have already been validated. You make an appointment with the candidate and validate your feeling with her.

Sometimes you need to meet 2 or 3 people before finding the perfect babysitter for your children. But interviews are much shorter, and one interview will suffice.

Recruitment experts at your service!

Unless you are a recruiting pro yourself, this might be the first time you have to recruit someone. And for the most critical position in your eyes!

And recruiting is a profession. Between sourcing (the search for candidates), pre-selection, reference checks, first interviews, scenarios, drafting and negotiating a contract … All this requires specific skills and knowledge of law work that you probably don't have.

When going through a company to hire a nanny, you can be sure that you have a team of recruiting experts in front of you. Their job is precisely recruiting and, in particular, recruiting nannies. Have peace of mind; they know their stuff!

You don't have to negotiate the contract with the nanny

If you are not a recruiting professional, you may never have had to negotiate a contract. At least as an employer! The contract negotiation phase can be more delicate as it is a personal job. Remember that this person will be with you almost every day and take care of your most precious things. Without giving in to your super nanny's demands, you will want her to be happy with her lot and have no ulterior motives towards you.

By going through an agency, you avoid negotiating your salary, holidays, status. When she arrives at your house for her interview, she already knows her work conditions and has accepted them: a relief for you, isn't it?

You don't have to ask tricky questions

It's not always easy to put your feet up to ensure the nanny is fit to work in your home. Did you know that for a home job, most agencies ask applicants for a criminal record? It is reassuring for families but extremely difficult to request “live”.

Other questions that could be awkward concern work permits. If your nanny is a foreigner, he needs a valid work permit. Your prefecture must also validate this! It is all the same, much simpler to let an intermediary ask someone where they are in their steps to obtain the renewal of their residence permit or their social security number.

Only manage your relationship with your super nanny!

Finally, the significant advantage of going through an intermediary to hire a nanny is that you don't have anything to deal with that is unpleasant. On the other hand, you only take care of one thing: your relationship with her. Everything is already set; what happens “behind the scenes” is not at all your responsibility.

For your part, make sure your nanny gets on well with your children by observing their budding bond. You already have enough to do like this. Work, live, enjoy your children, and breathe: your children are in good hands!

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