Advantages of Hot Water Extraction and Dry Carpet Cleaning

The floor carpeting and rugs remain the number one choice of every household and office interior designer because of their comfortable look. In addition to this, the carpet doesn’t require much care, though a regular vacuum cleaning and periodic professional carpet service can extend your carpet’s life. Yet, on numerous occasions, rug and carpets can’t be saved from accidental spills and stains particularly, when you have a girls’ sleepover, game marathon with your pals, and occasional parties.

There are many DIY tips and tricks that you can use to remove stains at home. But stain caused by cooking oil splashes, coffee or tea spill, pet urination, and nail polish stains are difficult to remove via a simple DIY solution. Hence to best solution is to hire a rug cleaning services.

Difference Between Hot Water Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning

Most of the carpeting cleaning organizations and companies provide two basic kinds of rug washing services. One is via the use of hot water and the second is the dry washing method. Both of these had varieties of subcategories which you can choose based on your need and requirements.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning

Cleaning rugs and carpet with hot water have a lot of benefits

  1. First, it uses hot pressured water to disinfect the entire carpet without damaging the health of your family, additionally, this process is environmentally friendly.
  2. In addition to disinfecting the carpet from allergies ana bacteria, it removes the dust from every fiber and thread of the carpet.
  3. Furthermore, the pressure extraction method of professional carpet cleaning makes no mess.

Dry carpet cleaning

It is around since the early 20th century since then many innovations and modifications have been made to enhance the professional dry-cleaning process. Some common advantage of Dry rug cleaning is,

  1. It uses powder formula to deep cleanse rugs and carpet. Hence, unlike hot water extraction, no liquid solution is used to cleanse the rugs therefore you can instantly use it after service.
  2. You can send your rugs to a carpet cleaning service and in a matter of hours, your rug will be good as new.
  3. Additionally, all the dust particles, dirt, and mold spores are sucked via a powerful heavy-duty industrial vacuumed.


 The procedure of rug cleaning and carpet cleaning is a bit different. For the first one, you can send your rug to a cleaning company however for floor carpeting you have to hire inhouse service to deep cleanse the carpet.


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