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Carbon in the form of granular activated carbon (GAC) has the most flexible properties. granular activated carbon manufacturer For water treatment, granular activated carbon combines perfectly with other media such as phosphates, resins and sediment collectors, and can be used for specific pollutant targets.

Use clean, acid washed large particle pitch carbon, the particle range is mainly to reduce chlorine gas, reduce odor and odor filter element, its advantage is that the front and rear filter pads are relatively thick, can retain 20 microns, to retain the carbon fine powder that is not easy to produce. If there are high particles, plug them.

granular activated carbon series filter element can effectively reduce harmful taste and odor, including chlorine smell and odor in drinking water. *They are designed to maximize water contact with carbon, thereby ensuring optimal adsorption.

The structure of the cartridge allows water to enter from one end and through the entire length of the carbon bed before leaving the other end of the cartridge, while the internal expansion pad minimizes channeling or bypass. coconutactivatedcarbon.com The post filter helps to reduce toner and other suspended particles in the filtered water before the water flows out of the cartridge.

The post filter is permanently attached to the innovative support basket to ensure that it is firmly fixed and eliminates the possibility of any bypass.

granular activated carbon series filter elements have various sizes and flow rates, which can effectively provide good universal drinking water filtration.

Effectively reduce odor and odor, reduce chlorine and odor

Designed for optimal adsorption

After filter reduces toner

Various sizes and flow rates are available

Micron grade – unclassified


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