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Affens are good for apartment dwellers, especially if your neighbors won't mind their barking. This strong but moderately active breed may get enough exercise with only a short brisk walk or a moderate time in the yard. Due to their small size, Affens must always be indoors and spend unsupervised outdoor times in a well-fenced backyard only, as they tend to pick a fight with larger animals, thereby harming themselves.

Affens are loving and curious but also alert. They are also loyal and protective of their family. Thus, you should be able to stop him from picking a fight with larger dogs. Affens tend to get excited, and it takes some time to calm them down in the face of harm.

Like most toy breeds, Affens can be challenging to housetrain, so stay consistent and patient. It will also be best to crate-train your Affen. And remember to always keep training sessions fun by using praises and motivations.

Take a proactive approach to your pet’s health with regular health and wellness checks at your animal hospital Burlington, ON.


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