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Affenpinscher Personality

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The Affenpinscher is a rare dog breed that has several unique traits and a wonderful personality. If you are looking for an exciting life as a fur parent, this breed is an ideal option. 

The Affens are loyal and affectionate to humans, especially the adult ones. These dogs enjoy being around matured people who know how to handle them gently and responsibly. Just note that the Affens do not enjoy the company of small children (toddlers) because of their active and unexpected movements. 

Like any other dog breed, the Affens should be exposed to people as early as possible to improve their socialization skills. Provide your Affen various opportunities to explore different sounds, experiences, and sights as well to make him a well-rounded and friendly dog. 

While they come in small sizes, the Affens may take on bigger dogs. Be alert when this happens so you can prevent your pup from getting hurt. But do not worry; your Affen can go well with other dogs and felines.

Take a proactive approach to your pet’s health with regular health and wellness checks at your animal hospital Marion, IA area. 



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