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We all know that after-dinner drinks are a great way to end the evening, but did you know that they can also help your stomach feel better? Certain types of liqueurs, such as fruit liqueurs and Pina Colada liqueurs, brandy and cognac, can be used as after-dinner drinks and actually improve digestion. If you're feeling like your stomach is tied in knots, here's what to drink before bed:

  • Digestive liqueur

A sweet, alcoholic beverage that is traditionally drunk after dinner to help with digestion. Digestive liqueurs such as Bailey's, Drambuie, and Frangelico are made with herbs and spices that can help soothe an upset stomach. In addition, these liqueurs also help with digestion after a heavy meal, so they are perfect to drink if you're feeling bloated.


  • Creme de menthe – an herb-flavoured liqueur

Creme de Menthe is a favourite after-dinner liqueur that tastes like mint, which is helpful if you're feeling nauseous. This liqueur has a very high sugar content, so it's important to only sip one drink slowly because too much can cause an upset stomach. Mint is known to have many health benefits, such as helping to calm an upset stomach and relieving nausea. So, if you're looking for an after-dinner drink that can also help improve your health, Creme de Menthe is a great option.


  • Amaretto

Another great option for an after-dinner drink is amaretto. This liqueur has a nutty flavour and contains almonds, which are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. So, if you're looking for a drink that can help improve your stomach health, amaretto is a good choice. Amaretto has a slightly bitter taste, which is why many people prefer to mix it with milk or cream. It makes the amaretto taste better while still benefiting from its positive properties. Drinking amaretto mixed in some sort of liquid will be more effective than just drinking it on its own. Mint tea would work well because, besides being tasty, mint leaves are beneficial for digestion issues too.


  • Drambuie

This is a Scotch whisky and honey-based liqueur made by the Scots for centuries. Honey has many healthy properties, but it's also a natural antiseptic that will kill the bad bacteria in your stomach. It is best to drink Drambuie with some water on its own, because this way you will be able to enjoy all of its positive effects. Drambuie can also be used as an additive for many drinks or desserts, including milkshakes and cakes.


  • Jägermeister

This is a German herbal digestif liquor distilled from 56 different herbs and spices, including chamomile, cinnamon, cloves, coriander seed, dandelion root extract, and gentian root extract, making it one of the most complex digestifs on the market. Jägermeister is a good choice for those with stomach problems because of its high-quality mix of herbs and spices. It also contains sugar, which can help soothe an upset stomach.


  • Anisette

Anisette is a French liquorice-flavoured spirit derived from distilling star anise to produce anethole as its primary flavour compound, making it another great option for those who suffer from stomach problems.


Another good option for after-dinner drinks that can help your stomach feel better is sweet vermouth, which contains a number of different herbs and spices that are soothing to the digestive system, including chamomile and lavender. It also has some creaminess to it because of its high alcohol content. This means it will coat the throat as you swallow, so there's less acid in contact with the tissues during an upset stomach episode.


You can also try these non-alcoholic beverages to make your stomach feel better after a heavy meal.

  • Ginger ale: Ginger is a natural digestive aid for upset stomachs, nausea, and diarrhoea. Ginger ale is a great after-dinner drink to help your stomach feel better.
  • Drink lemon water before or after dinner to help your stomach digest food better. Lemon also helps to ease nausea and vomiting.
  • Chamomile tea: the calming effects of chamomile can soothe upset stomachs, and it contains no caffeine and only herbs that are safe for everyone.
  • Green tea: green tea has many health benefits, including aiding digestion; it also aids in weight loss and overall health because it contains antioxidants.
  • Fennel seeds: these little seeds are said to be an excellent remedy for gas and bloating because they stimulate gastric juices in the stomach that help with digestion, as well as have anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Watermelon juice: this fruit's high-water content can help hydrate your body; it also contains lycopene, which may reduce inflammation in your gut lining and help with digestion.


You may also want to keep drinking fluids throughout the night if you are suffering from an upset stomach. It's important not just before bedtime but while sleeping that people stay hydrated because it keeps food moving through the intestines, which means less pressure on them during sleep hours, which should mean more comfort.




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